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  • How to Monetize your Marketing Blog?

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    Rumor has it that you can earn money from blogging. It's good to make money. Is it worth investing your resources in a blog? How to use it to increase sales in business? Let's figure it out.

    Which blog you can make money on: a blitz survey to dot the "i".

    Before talking about blog monetization, answer the questions:

    You are promoting a personal brand ...
    ... or do you sell within your company?

    The marketing strategy depends on it . In the first case, you are in the spotlight, and a blog can be a key sales channel. It is important to actively maintain the image in the chosen niche. The logic is simple: they trust you - they buy from you.

    In the case of a company, both one person and a group of experts can blog. Key tasks: increasing traffic, brand promotion, communication with current customers and attracting new ones.

    How do your potential customers live?
    What problems do you face every day?
    Why do they need your products / services?
    The client’s detailed  avatar gives a clear idea of what topics should be written. In what formats to advertise a product. Do you have the knowledge to blog in your chosen niche? Lack of experience is not a reason to put an end to earnings. Engage copywriters versed in your topic. And focus your attention on pumping strengths.

    At the right time in the right place: when can you monetize a blog?
    First you need to invest in SEO, take the top spot in Google’s issuance, create a subscriber base, write a dozen interesting  long-reads ... How do you understand that it is time to brush off the sweat from your forehead and say: “It's time to make money”? What should be the attendance? 1,000 users per day? 10,000? More?

    Sell your products / services from the first day of the blog launch. Why wait for ideal conditions for earning, if the best time is now. Start small:

    Launch advertising tools in stages.
    For example, place a lead magnet to subscribe to the newsletter to expand the base. You can do this as follows:

    Promote products that are in demand.
    Agree, every entrepreneur wants to be the best in the niche. It seems like something creative needs to be done to draw attention to the product. Improve what everyone has long known.

    At the beginning of blog monetization, it is important to promote popular products / services in order to avoid churning customers.

    Remind about the opportunity to buy a product / service.
    But do not impose. The spammed blog sidebars, pop-ups, red half-screen buttons with a “Buy it Now” call are causing tension.

    Also, remember that over time potential banner blindness develops among potential customers. Use native advertising to engage your target audience in future engagement. Also alternate tools and services for monetizing your blog.

    1. Promote your products
    Run contextual advertising from Google on a blog or place a banner with third-party advertisers - proven sources of passive income. You can earn 5-10 times more if you instead start promoting your products / services. It can be:

    podcasts, webinars, recordings of offline seminars;
    personal advice.
    It may look like this:

    2. Promote premium services on your blog.
    For example, your key products cost $ 100, $ 200, and $ 1,600. Most people will say that the most expensive of the three are bought much less frequently. So, it is worth actively promoting the first two.

    Look at the situation from the other side. Indeed, 80% of the customer base, for various reasons, do not order an expensive product. Remains 20% interested in it. Often you can earn more if you pay attention to this segment. Let the blog news article mentioning the premium product be the first steps in the sales funnel.

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