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  • How to Install Fedora 23 Workstation?

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    Hello Friends,


    In this tutorial I will guide you how you can install Fedora 23 workstation on your system.

    If you have any previous version installed in your system then you can check the upgrade guide else follow the below steps.


    Upgrade Fedora 22 to Fedora 23?


    first download the latest fedora 23 workstation images from the official website, here you have to choose the package which matches your system architecture or configuration. Use the below link to download workstation images


    Fedora 23 Workstation Live Image



    Fedora 23 Workstation Netinstall Image



    Installation Process


    I hope you have bootable media USB Flashdrive or CD/DVD ready.


    1. After that plug in it usb port and boot it, while booting you will see 23 fedora screen.


    Here you will find the option to start fedora live without installation you can go for it to directly run the installation wizard, or choose to install it to your hard drive.


    2. After this installer will ask you to select your language, choose any language available you prefer and click continue.


    3. Now on the next screen you can customize your Fedora installation by configuring:


    • Keyboard Layout

    • Time and date (automatically detected if connected to internet)

    • Installation destination

    ---> You have a choice to create partition automatically or manually, in automatically it will take whole free space of your hard disk, if you choose manually, you have to specify space for all partition as per your requirement, as explained below.

    ----> For manually, To configure your disk partitions. for this you have to click on the disk image and select  the radio button I will configure partitions manually and click done.

    ----> After clicking Done, on the next screen you can configure the partitions. There you can change the Partition Scheme to Standard Partition: to create new partition click + and the mount point should be set /.

    ----> After this you will get option to customize your root partition i.e you can set the size to 6 or 8 or 10 GB.

    ----> After this you have to add some swap space for fedora installation, You have to take double the size of your installed RAM (or you can take at least 1 GB).

    ----> Now finally add the home partition, here you have to put rest of the available space, same steps have to be followed here, at the mount point select /home also leave the desired capacity box empty to use all remaining space and click Done to proceed.

    ----> After clicking next button, installer will show you changes made in the disk on the screen, after reviewing them click on accept button.


    • Network & Hostname

    ----> Here click on the host name to configure the system host name.

    4. Now to finish the Installation process click the Begin Installation button at the bottom right of your screen.

    5. You can also create a root user password for administrating the system and an additional user if required while installation is running.

    ---> To create root or admin user password click on Root Password and click Done.

    ---> After this on the next screen you will be able to create New users by filling the following settings.

    • Full Name

    • Username

    • Below the username you will find 2 check box Choose first will be make this user administrator as you have already setup administrator you dont go for this, next one will be require password to use this account, if you select this you have to provide password in below field.

    • password

    • Password and confirm password

    After filling all these settings click Done and wait until installation is finished and restart your machine.

    6. When you login first time it will ask you to choose your language preference,  keyboard setting (i.e us Keyboard) and privacy settings.

    7. Once done it will ask you to choose whether to disable location services and problem reporting or not. After this you can connect with online account to your Fedora 23 to easily access your emails, calendar, contacts, document and images or you can also skip this step.

    That's it your Fedora 23 is ready for use.
    Enjoy ! :)

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