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  • How to Execute 3 Way Link Building Process

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    Link building is an important technique to improve the keyword ranking for your targeted keywords. There are three different types of link building named one way, two way and 3 way link building. SEO experts totally rely on 1 way link building, however 2 way and 3 way link building can also benefit during your SEO strategy. In this blog, I am discussing about the steps involved in 3 way link building.


    3 way link building is the process to exchange link with other websites by contacting the website admin or web-master. 3 ways link building is the process which can be done only when you have more than 1 websites and your partner with whom you are planning to exchange link should also have more than 1 websites apart from the mail domain for which both are seeking the link back.

    Steps for 3 Way Link Building


    Step 1: First you need to find the link partner for link building. This type of link building is mostly done through live chat with different website’s webmasters. You can find webmasters email id on or check these on contact form within website.


    Step 2: Secondly, you should have some websites on different theme. You can make your own website which have different page with different theme like and You can put other website links on these website as per webmaster request.  


    Step 3: Add the webmaster ID on Your GTalk or any other IM chat resource for chatting with each other. Ask the Webmaster to show the website relate to your theme. Like if you have a website and you want to your website come on the Google first page with the keyword Online pizza worldwide. Then ask the webmaster show you some website related to pizza, food, online food product, online pizza order etc. themed.   


    Step 4: If the webmaster has any website related to your website theme, then the webmaster will show up a list of websites and will give you an option to select the  website or webpage where you want to put your link with your desired keyword. For example the webmaster told you 2 website to select the backlinks for your website.,, then select a website where you want to put your website link. Check the quality of website where you want to put your website link before selecting them.  


    Step 5: Now send your website link request to the webmaster, like you selected website for link exchange then mail the website admin as:


    Dear Webmaster,


    Please add my link on your website My link information is : We are delivering <a>online pizza worldwide</a>, You can get your delicious pizza within 30 minutes.  


    Thank You  


    Step 6: Now send the mail to the webmaster then the webmaster will ask you to show them some websites related to his theme (For example their theme is SEO), then you can show the webmaster websites like (, and The webmaster can then select the website and mail his link information to you.  


    Step 7: Now add his website site link on your website and inform the webmaster that his link is added. Other webmaster then will also add your link. Now you can get 1 link for your website www. and other webmaster also get 1 link on the website  

    In this process you don’t put the other webmaster link on your business website You put a link on some other website owned by you like This process is purely defined as 3 way linking process. Hope you got everything about it.


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