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  • How Big Data And AI Technologies Are Changing How Businesses Read Their Data

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    More and more businesses are beginning to implement artificial intelligence into their company's workflow. If there's one thing that can be said for sure, it is that big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are here to stay. Many people have already seen or experienced the numerous benefits that this improved technology can offer in people's lives and how they experience things. However, many fail to realize how these technologies benefit businesses.


    Many people often wonder what the exact benefits of artificial intelligence and big data are for businesses. Below are some of the top changes most industries see from the use of these technologies.


    Improvement In Business Intelligence

    The ability to analyze a business is becoming more efficient and easier thanks to business intelligence. Big data is a set of data tools which allows business intelligence to be possible. Before it was introduced in a business setting, business intelligence was very limited. These days, it is considered a legitimate career opportunity. Many companies are hiring business intelligence experts to take their business to the next level.


    Help More Customers Efficiently

    Big data, artificial intelligence and Spark ML also help businesses understand, target and serve their customers better. Essentially, the main focus of big data is to use it to get to know customers and their habits on a more intimate level. Understanding customers' habits, preferences and behaviors allow companies to make them happier.


    Hiring experts to implement big data allows companies the ability to expand their traditional datasets using text analytics, social media data, browser logs and more to create a complete picture of their customer base. The main objective of this is to create predictive models.


    Changes To How Businesses Use Social Media

    A primary way in which big data and artificial intelligence has impacted businesses is by how they use their social media profiles. There's no denying that personalized content targeting consumers in real time is going to increase exponentially in the coming years. The purpose of this is to increase sales opportunities for businesses. Artificial intelligence makes possible the ability for businesses to use targeted behavioral methodologies to get ahead of a consumer's purchase based on data retrieved to dictate habits and behaviors.


    Enhanced Fraud Protection Abilities

    Technology is not the only thing that has advanced in this modern age. Hackers and identity thieves have upped their games as well. Even though catching a hacker has become increasingly more difficult, the enhanced capabilities fraud detection software and AI-powered tools are helping businesses protect their data against these smart and sophisticated fraudulent schemes. This amount of protection is possible because businesses are leveraging speech recognition, video recognition, machine learning, natural language processing and automation into their workflow.


    Improve Efficiency

    The ability to improve efficiency without big data is practically impossible these days. It is necessary for providing information and data concerning every product and process on the market. Professionals who know how to use big data understand that it tells a story. Smart businesses will pay attention to that story and use it to grow their businesses.


    Big data also works appropriately with the theories of constraints, making the constraints easier to recognize. Once they are found, it is possible to determine whether a constraint is binding and how to quickly remove it. After this is completed, businesses are able to see increases in their performance.


    Enables Constant Customer Support

    Artificial intelligence has led to advancements in chatbot technology. More and more businesses are using these chatbots to offer their consumers customer support around the clock. Businesses are able to utilize data from their specific CRM system to acquire more valuable customer insights. In a way, AI has created the ultimate customer service experience and it is all possible because of the cumulation of customer data that is gathered, analyzed and then put to use. When chatbot technology is used to its full potential, it is able to create a feedback loop of indispensable customer data.

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