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    What is Honeypots ?

    A honey pot is a computer security system which is used to attract people whos motive is to penetrate the security of someone system . It is a trap to delude Hacker . Honeypot monitor the activity of the Intruder . when multiple Honepot are put in the network then it is called as honeynet . honeynet come into the picture when there is need to protect larger and diverse network of computer system .

    Honeypot Working
    Honeypot work in two way . One is called as low interaction honeypot and other is name as high-interaction honeypot . low interaction honeypot are actually the emulator of real services.This type of Honeypot are easy to deploy and are less on risk .where as high-interaction honeypots required higher accuracy to deploy and are on higher risk as they comprises of real services .High-interaction honeypots can provides more detail behavior of the attacker .

    Types of Honeypots
    Honeypot can be categorise in two types :

    1.Production Honeypot: Is used by companies or corporation houses to reduce the risk of attack by the hackers on there Computer network .

    2. Research Honeypot: Is used to research on the pattern and tricks of hackers so that more secure system can be design which can resists the attack of the hackers community .

    List of some Honepots
    2.HoneyPoint Security
    4.Cuckoo Sandbox

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