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  • Guide To Create Persona Driven SEO Strategy to Growth Hack Business

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    From the clueless search marketing to targeting specific keyword and giving more emphasis to user experience, we all have a long way in search marketing . Now we have got exposed to organic visibility for terms which only increased the bounce rate rather doing good. A refreshing term that surface to combat high bounce rate is persona driven SEO strategy.


    Boston SEO experts suggest that website marketing teams are working on decreasing the size of bloated website. People tend to develop website that works to satisfy the need of targeted market while maintaining the SEO practice. Rather than churning thin content that can never convert, you can take time to promote high quality content. It is a fact that persona driven SEO strategy may not bring high visibility but user persona can make organic visibility more profitable within less time and resources.


    Let us begin with the process of personalization

    You can consider drafting your persona for SEO and digital efforts by combining analytics data with your internal team. The process is crucial and may take a considerate time.


    Digital Persona Creation

    Carrying out the process of identifying and creating digital persona leads to the knowledge about following aspects:

    • Age, gender,market segment and geo specific for organic audience. Understand who are converting into side goal or engaging positively
    • Which site content is popular among your digital audience
    • Understand how your preferred audience may transverse your website? Are they overwhelmed in their experience?


    Non Digital Persona Creation

    Once you know what your site users are doing on your site broken down within demographics and market segment. You can begin with some good amount of conversation about the organizational customer through interaction. The members from the following team should sit for discussion.

    • Marketing : Marketing team should conduct this meeting. It will become really helpful to set the conversation around the path of persona.
    • Leadership : Company leadership for portraying the bigger picture of the concept to understand about the persona to find a better approach.
    • Sales : Sales team is an important part of discussion. The sale team can help other team understand about the most profitable group of people in the company. Understand what audience are asking for, pain points and what can excite them.
    • Web development


    If the meeting goes well, there will be lot of ideas which will be generated. The ground reality with all the ideas cannot be technically sound. Web developer can give better idea about the technical know hows related to the idea. Web developer can tell about appropriate cost and time scope needed


    What can be deduced from this process of discussion?


    Towards the end of discussion, you will be able to find answers for the following questions:

    • What questions are asked by customers to sales team?
    • Are they using specific word or technology?
    • Is specific type of content that are mentioned as a reference from the website?
    • How audience interact?



    This is the phase when you should own a wealth of information about your typical website user and what they search for. Now, this is the time when SEO best practices should be implemented. The SEO component can be handled within three main areas to give customers what they expect.



    When it is about reviewing the digital persona. SEO company professionals suggest that in order to understand the digital persona of customers, content is the best way. It should be understood which type of content can be popular and which can lead to sales.


    Once the content of the pages are identified, it’s time to move to search analytics section of Google Search Console. It now becomes easy to identify keywords which are generating results. It is now vital to understand whether to use these keywords in the content without making it look spammy. You should also review the anchor text on the site which can be linked to pages for some additional benefit.


    Access the terms that sales team must have mentioned in the non digital persona collaboration. Never attempt for SEO for creating pages in order to simply chase for keywords. Rather, it is better to create pages only for giving valuable information to users.



    It is highly important to ensure that users can easily move within the website and find their needed information easily. Make sure to monitor following pages within your site such as:

    • The best performing page within the site
    • Pages that your favourite persona prefer
    • Web pages that relates to what customers and prospective customer expect


    You may need to revamp the main navigation system as well as needs to include supporting navigation within the internal site sections. The more you link to important pages within the site, the more Google is signalled that the pages are really important.


    On page

    Links within the internal content of the website is really important. Internal links facilitate the search crawler for getting deeper within the site. Also users get to easily navigate to important pages.



    A persona based SEO strategy is a hectic strategy to work. It is important that members from each department should collaborate to bring better result. This persona based SEO focuses on ranking for all keywords which are important. This strategy may not bring a spurt in your organic visibility but it will definitely lead to keyword terms that nurtures the audience.


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