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  • Explanation about HTTP Status Codes and HTTP Error

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    In this blog we will learn about the HTTP status code and error code. When an HTTP request is send by the client sends the server receives an appropriate response. For understanding the response properly, we will always find a three digit HTTP status code with description in the first line of the response. This is helpful for the developers in order to easily find out the issue and resolve it. The HTTP Status Codes and HTTP Error are defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force and developed as per internet standards. These status and errors codes are classified into five categories as explained below:.

    HTTP Status Codes Classification:

    1-) 1xx series – Informational Message

    2-) 2xx series – Success Message

    3-) 3xx series – Redirection Message

    4-) 4xx series – Error Messages pointing to the client

    5-) 5xx series – Error Messages pointing to the server

    1xx – Informational Message:

    Http status code of 1xx series belongs to the informational message which is send by the server to the client informing that the request is successfully received from the client which is under process at the server side. The provisional response from the server side contains only the status line and optional headers and an empty line which indicates the termination of the response.

    1xx series is not supported by HTTP/1.0 but HTTP/1.1

    2xx – Success Message:

    HTTP Status code of 2xx series are the message code send by the server which indicates that the request is received and processed successfully.

    3xx – Redirection Message:

    HTTP Status code of 3xx series are the message code from the server that indicates the redirection to the another URL.

    For example:

    If a user agent requests for a resource address say URL1 is redirected to another resource address say URL2 then 2xx series codes are returned as a response by the server. The status codes are not displayed on the browser window because the browsers are automatically redirected to another URL.

    4xx – Errors Messages pointing to the client:

    HTTP Status code of series 4xx belongs to the Error messages indicates that the issues are at the client side and which can not abe resolved at the server side.

    For Example: HTTP Status code “404 – Page Not Found” is displayed on the browser.

    5xx – Errors Messages pointing to the server:

    When a web server can’t fulfill a valid request from a client it sends a 5xx error code in the response.

    For Example: “HTTP Status code “500 – Internal Server Error”.

    For detailed information about all HTTP Status code for all the series click here.

    error where the web server1 is acting as a proxy to get a response from another web server2 but failed to receive a timely response.


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