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  • Exciting 5 New Features of Apple iOS 11 Latest Version

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    There is a lot of buzz in the market about the Apple developers who are working to develop the latest iOS version. Yes, we are talking only about the iOS 11. As Apple iPhones are hugely responsible for reshaping our digital lives, this new version is what one wants because it accommodates the iOS 10 features as well as several other new features.


    Apple Ios 11 Features


    During the Apple's WWDC’s keynote address, Tim Cook- CEO of Apple has unveiled the iOS 11, which brings a new user interface to some key applications. It is the latest version of the operating system to run on the iPhone and the iPad. iOS 11 is entirely new with dedicated tabs that separate games and apps for the first time. Currently it is limited to the ios app developers, but Apple plans to offer a public beta in the coming days.


    Best new features of iOS 11


    iOS 11 is now bringing more changes to your iPhone and iPad. Now replace your laptop with iPad, which performs the effective multitasking and also gives Control Centre with much-needed re-organization. There are many exciting special features in iOS 11 like new camera modes, Siri- augmented reality with voice detection. Now have a look at the probable features that the new version might have:


    Better iPad Experience:


    In their iOS 10 version Apple did not give complete access to iPad. Now in iOS 11 it unlocks the full potential of iPad with new customizable Dock feature, which is the biggest ever release update for iPad. It also allows the users to monitor the new file app to store the data and retrieve straight from the device. Shortly, iPad is becoming is likely to be a device that would replace a computer.


    Pay your friends with Apple Pay


    Get the mobile payment services now through Apple pay. Apple secures all your credit and debit card payments by keeping the customer information private. Apple Pay uses iMessages to send between friends or other contacts who owe you money.


    Cameras and Photos


    Since for many years, iOS has been using the h.264 video compression and photos in JPG. In order to enhance the picture quality, Apple introduced two new camera formats - HEVC and HEIF - to improve the photo and video quality. This camera app will save up to 50% of storage space.


    Functionality of SIRI


    It is one of the biggest updates in iOS 11. Siri easily detects both male and female voices and converts those voices into choice of various languages including Spanish, Italian. It also provides the personalized suggestions for both iPhone and iPad users on how to deploy the safari browser along with the standard Apple features.


    Control Centre


    Keep all the quick controls now at your finger tips without swiping it from the menus through Control Centre in iOS 11. It monitors your needs in one place, and not three by using the Apple's 3D Touch functionality. To get all the notifications, just pull down the screen. At a glimpse, you can able to see all your apps in one place.

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