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  • Difference between Static and Dynamic site?

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    Hello Readers

    The below is the difference between the static website and the dynamic website:

    1. Static website is a site which is used using HTML. In this each web pages is a static type means separate document there is no use of databases while the dynamic website is used using complex code such as PHP, ASP etc.

    2. A Dynamic website is automated while static site is not automated.

    3. Static website are the cheapest to develop and its hosting is also inexpensive as compared to dynamic website.

    4. In Static site the content of web pages remained fixed while in dynamic site pages changed acc to the run time.

    5. In Static site the file extension of a URL is in .htm or .html while in dynamic site it is in .php, .asp, .jsp etc.

    6. Static site is the basic site and easiest to create and develop, its use only client side request(no use of the databases) while in dynamic site use server side processing and use the databases as well.

    7. The languages used to create dynamic sites(server side languages) are much more complicated than the static site (client-side languages).

    8. Dynamic site has a great degree of functionality as compared to static site.

    Advantages of Static websites are:

    1.Quick to develop
    2. Cheap to host
    3. Cheap to develop

    Disadvantages of static websites are:

    1. Requires developer to update site
    2. Content can get fixed

    Advantages of dynamic websites are:

    1. Much more functional website
    2. Much easier to update
    3. Interact to databases.

    Disadvantages of dynamic websites are:

    1. Take time
    2. Expensive to develop
    3. Hosting costs little more

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