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  • Dedicated or Virtual Private Server Hosting - Things to Know Before Choosing Them

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    A web hosting is a Launchpad for your website. Your website's performance, its speed, the traffic bearing capacity, and the most important aspect, its uptime is highly dependent on the website hosting. All these factors are taken into account by the search engine algorithms to determine a website's ranking. A website which has all these factors optimized is bound to get high rankings on search engine pages.


    Higher search engine rankings mean more business and more profits. Isn't this what every enterprise is looking for? Well, absolutely yes! When you approach a web hosting provider or do a quick google search on web hosting, you'll be surprised by the sheer number of options you have.  There is shared hosting, Virtual private server, dedicated server, cloud hosting and many more. When you consult a dedicated server provider or a virtual private server provider, individually, you'll get an insight on what all you get in these two kinds of web hosting and which one would suit you the best.


    To save you time and help you guide through the two-popular web hosting, here's our take on which is suitable for you.


    Dedicated Server Hosting

    Dedicated server hosting is a hosting where the entire server is dedicated only to your website. The whole server belongs to your website, and so are all the resources on the server. Some of the features of a dedicated server are:


    • You get access to the whole server. You are entitled to all the resources in the server. There will never be any restraint on the resources.
    • While choosing a dedicated server, you can go in for a server that's compatible with your environment. Linux, windows or a cloud server, the choice is yours.
    • Your response time to the user's query will be swift. There will be no downtime faced by the server. A lesser response time keeps the users glued to your website and is more appealing.
    • A dedicated server is a highly secure server. You don't need to worry about server crashing or interference from the neighboring website of any kind. This keeps your data safe.
    • You can take control of your web hosting and make custom configurations to it. There is no restriction on how many times you can change the allocations and configurations. 
    • Higher rankings in the search engine algorithms are based on the factors like loading time, uptime, the responsiveness of the website, performance of the website, security levels, and some other factors. With dedicated web hosting, you ace in all these factors and hence the search engine ranking is bound to be high.
    • The dedicated server providers offer you a fully managed service or an unmanaged service. With these two options you can either take the whole control of your website and manage all the resources of your website with the help of a technical team, or you can go for a managed server and leave all the operation and management to the provider.


    Dedicated server hosting has two drawbacks; a dedicated server hosting is expensive than a VPS hosting, and the dedicated server hosting is not scalable. You need to estimate your requirements as, during the runtime, the capacity of the server cannot increase.


    Virtual Private Server

    The main server is divided into smaller servers. These servers act as individual servers in themselves. You get all the resources of your server only to your use. You get similar features to that of a dedicated server as the server allotted to you is an independent server.


    But some of the shortcomings of a VPS are that since you have the server which is a part of a bigger server, the bandwidth of your resources is limited. You can use the resources only up to a certain extent. In a VPS, the scalability sometimes becomes a problem.


    • Since the partition between the servers is only virtual and not physical, you don't have the complete hardware for your use. Some problem in the hardware due to the other server may reflect on your website's performance.
    • Although security from a cyber threat is not an issue, the hardware security can be questioned.
    • The major reason as to why the VPS hosting became so popular is the low-cost investment in a VPS. Compared to a dedicated server, a VPS costs much lower.


    Addressing the question of which hosting option will be the most appropriate for you:


    If your business is reliant on a website completely, or your website has sensitive information, and you have no cost constraints, a dedicated server is the best option for you.


    A dedicated server will never let you down, and you can leave out all the technical worries and concentrate on business development activities. But if cost is a primary issue, a VPS is also a reliable option.

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