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  • Debugging in AS3

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    Action Script is a Object Oriented programming language which is used for developing the websites and software which uses Adobe Flash Platform as their medium. For the Flash designer or the animator this language has a great scope and use. All major work on flash is done using the action script only. The execution of action script is done by the ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM) which is an internal part of Flash Player.

    What is an error?

    Errors in ActionScript are built in classes that are used to handle the errors. The error classes holds the details about the errors occured in the script. Basically there are three kinds of errors that can occur namely-

    1. Complier Errors
    2. Runtime Errors
    3. Warnings

    So for finding and handling these errors many softwares and applications are available and the best among them is the FLEX DEBUGGER.

    Debugging the ActionScript

    Flex provides a excellent platform for debugging the actionascript as it has a built in debugger. When we enter the debug mode the flash stops the execution of the actionscript when any breakpoint or runtime error is found. Whenever any error is found the debugger provides the line number of the error line. The following steps are to be followed for the debugging:-

    • Firstly set the breakpoints in the programs and view them in the breakpoint Explorer.
    • Line by line start debugging the code.
    • Inspect all the values of the variables.
    • View the values of the expressions.

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