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  • Create and Add EBS volume on AWS

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    Amazon EBS(Elastic Block Store) volume offers high availability and durability with capability to automatically replicate in its availability zone. To create an EBS volume follow the following steps :

    1) AWS Account >> EC2 Dashboard >> Volumes.
    2) Click create volume and enter you desired size while availability zone should always be of that of instance running.
    3) After click on create EBS will be created within few minutes and will be displayed on your dashboard

    Once EBS is created attach it to instance of your choice following the steps mentioned below :

    Select New Volume >> Actions Menu >> Select Attach Volume

    Once you follow the steps that come in popup EBS will be available for your instance. You can make sure that EBS is attached to your instance by running following command on console

    fdisk -l

    lets assume that newly disk is /dev/xvdf . First you need to format the newly created EBS but never do the same with any EBS being already used. Command to format is :

    mkfs /dev/xvdf

    Now suppose you want to mount your EBS on /mnt , the command for mounting would be :

    mount /dev/xvdf  /mnt

    To enable EBS mounting automatically on any server reboot follow the following step :

    1) Open file /etc/fstab and make the following entry at the end 
       /dev/xvdf /mnt   ext4    defaults        1 1

    Now restart your apache and your EBS has been monted on your desired location and is ready for use.

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