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  • Business Issues that Lower the Organizational Productivity

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    Workplace productivity is the assessment that how well an employee is responsive towards a given task and this evaluation much crucial element for the progress of any organization. Only the efficient and effective group of employees can be the key to success in business. Workplace productivity is the combination of shared co-ordination along with individual participation. If your progress remains constantly below the belt, workplace productivity can be the reason.


    Several issues may affect an employee at work, always remember each of your employees is differ from other and possesses unique values. Their values will impact upon the way they deal with the current situations. So, it’s essential to understand and tackle every individual employee according to his approach, as every person of your organization is going to be the part of your workplace productivity.


    The workplace productivity of each organization is directly proportional to the performance of individuals. In this mean here in this article I am going to discuss the issues that lower the organizational productivity.


    Conflict of Ego and Personality


    It is witnessed that conflict of ego in between employees caused a major problem. This conflict always leads to the lack of co-ordination and hence seizes the productivity. Clashes in between the personality brought the politics or leg pulling and affect the teamwork.


    Sometimes there can be a conflict among department to the department due to some misunderstanding. Such kind of conflict can cause massive damage to the goals and plans of such organization. So it’s critical always to keep an eye on such kind of situation, and if there is any conflict among your employees, it should be sorted out before it’s too late.




    Stress causes the damage to the work-ability of your employees. Modern studies declared that to enhance the work-ability of your client, you should have to provide them ideal environment. Such employees that work in the highly inflexible atmosphere and under pressure conditions are likely to lose their temperament, and hence such situation affects his work-ability.


    To overcome this situation you have to manage your workplace environment in such a way that it ease your employees to feel comfortable in any situation. You may place a refrigerator in the restroom and offer free drinks to your workers, as this offering can be effective to release the stress due to hardworking. The huge workload may also cause frustration to your employees, and this will reflect on the quality of their work.


    Lack of Resources


    Another reason for the failure of workers and destruction of their workability is lacking resources. Enough time and resources should be there for them to enable them to work more efficiently. You should have to determine that the deadline you are giving to complete the task and the resource you are providing to your employee are either sufficient or not. You can’t get your ideal results without easing your employee because the frustration of employee will only lead to a destruction of the primary cause.


    Workforce Diversity


    While considering easing the employee as much as you can, workforce diversity should be determined as an essential element. The concept of workforce diversity declared that each employee has his own personal, behavioral, social and ethical value and norms. The administration of the organization must have to pay respect to such costs of each employee.


    Such kind of diversion will potentially increase in coming the time as the world has now become a global village. We have some an employee from some cultures working together at the same place. So there must make some difference in all of them, and you have to plan more precisely to avoid such situation that can be frustrated for any employee. 


    Formation of Groups and Teams


    While planning for a major task, formation of groups and teams takes place. It is much important to plan ideal group and teams for an outstanding job. Selection of a team is a critical phenomenon, and several things should be considered during team selection.  A team should only be composed of related persons, and there should be enough understood in between the team members. The lack of understanding among team members will cause the lack of co-ordination and results will be affected.


    Moreover, all the members should be known of their act in the team and also must capable of it. Tasks in teams or groups are highly dependable on co-ordination and co-ordination will only be produced when all the team members will invest their efforts selflessly. There should be no place for selfish people in work-group and teams, every member should ease other members with his efforts, and hence coordination will be held.


    Sort out Anti-Motivating Elements


    A visionary manager will always keep his eye to sort out all the anti-motivating elements existing at the workplace. These anti-motivating elements include incapable employees, depressive individuals, lack of commitments, lack of opportunities, lack of vision, lack of communicational and administration operations and may be the lack of appreciation. Such all kind of anti-motivating elements results in the decrement of workplace productivity.

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