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  • Bounds and Frames in iOS

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    Hi Readers,

    This Post is to tell about the BOUND and FRAME in ios.


    The bounds property of a view defines the size of the view and its position in the view's own coordinate system. This means that in most cases the origin of the bounds of a view are set to {0,0}. The view's bounds is important for drawing the view.


    The frame of a view is a structure, a CGRect, that defines the size of the view and its position in the view's superview, the superview's coordinate system.


    Imagine a view that has a size of 100x100 (width x height) positioned at 25,25 (x,y) of its superview. The following code prints out this view's bounds and frame: // This method is in the view controller of the superview

    - (void)viewDidLoad
    [super viewDidLoad];
    NSLog(@"bounds.origin.x: %f", label.bounds.origin.x);
    NSLog(@"bounds.origin.y: %f", label.bounds.origin.y);
    NSLog(@"bounds.size.width: %f", label.bounds.size.width);
    NSLog(@"bounds.size.height: %f", label.bounds.size.height);
    NSLog(@"frame.origin.x: %f", label.frame.origin.x);
    NSLog(@"frame.origin.y: %f", label.frame.origin.y);
    NSLog(@"frame.size.width: %f", label.frame.size.width);
    NSLog(@"frame.size.height: %f", label.frame.size.height);

    And the output of this code is:

    bounds.origin.x: 0
    bounds.origin.y: 0
    bounds.size.width: 100
    bounds.size.height: 100
    frame.origin.x: 25
    frame.origin.y: 25
    frame.size.width: 100
    frame.size.height: 100

    Thanx for Reading

    Keep Coding

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