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  • Best Digital Marketing Tips for Powerpoint Design

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    I met a retailer who was still sticking around the offbeat practice of selling cycles, bikes and cars for kids. Although he was a hard worker, yet it didn’t pay him off that much. So, he got his brand listed in the business listing directory of Amazon. Yet, he was looking for the breakthrough.


    I could not restrict myself from bragging about the online marketing. I precisely briefed about the wonder the digital marketing, as he has a warehouse there. He gained expertise over PowerPoint creation. So, I suggested him the content marketing via the PowerPoint presentation while keeping these points in view:


    1. Tailor Formatting: The PowerPoint is indeed a name of the powerful Microsoft tool. It is a stock of extra-ordinary features that make sense while representing a concept before a huge mass. But, the content marketing needs innovative approach. Using the same transitions, effects and templates over and over can spoil the spell of the best digital marketing strategy.


    Let me make it clear that hundreds of folks are there who use the PowerPoint templates, typefaces and a lot of things again and again. A unique and different can win the game. So, whatever you create, it should be eye-catching, meaningful, complimenting to the concept and flawless.

    · Choose any paid theme or customise the slides’ formatting according to the concept.

    · The theme should be complementary to the topic of that presentation.

    · Import explicit and attractive fonts to deliver magical moments for the users.

    · Avoid default sounds, since corporate world doesn’t need it.

    · Use bullets to represent points. But if there is a need of briefing, go for the elaboration.

    ·  Avoid shadow effects as they create distractions.


    If you want to re-size every slide, these tricks can assist you:

    · Go to the ‘File’ menu.

    · Select ‘Page Setup’ option.

    ·  A dialog box will open. Input the length and width of the background. Hit ‘ok’ button afterwards.


    2. Attend Alignments:

    I remember my first presentation in my office. From my lens, it was looking absolutely a masterpiece. But when it came before experts, they have many points to point at. Predominantly, it was the alignment section, where I fell short of expertise. However, it seemed absolutely fine on my desktop. But, as it ran on the smart LED, it slightly looked a bundle of messes.


    Steps to align objects on the PowerPoint:    

    · Select the object. If they are multiple on a slide, select them while pressing the shift key.

    · Go to the Format menu.

    · Choose ‘Arrange’ from that menu bar.

    · Select sub menu ‘Align or Distribute’ and then, ‘Align to Slide’.

    · Subsequently, follow step 3.

    · Afterwards, choose the desirable alignment from the dropdown menu.


    3. Crop Images Into Custom Shape:

    Is it possible to frame any intended picture into a desirable shape in Windows 2013?

    If you’re a naïve to image editing and photo designing word?


    Cropping and fixing an image into any shape and size is no big deal with these steps:

    · Select the image that you want to crop.

    · Move mouse to the ‘Format’ menu.

    · Click the ‘Crop’ option and then, the ‘Crop to Shape’ option. This option will showcase many shapes to select from.

    · Select the preferable one. The image will be cropped and got set in that shape.

    · If you want to add a border, you again move to the Format menu.

    · Select the Picture-Border option from the drop down arrow.

    · Select the thickness also in a desirable colour.


    4. Embedding Website in PowerPoint:

    How do you pop up your website in a PowerPoint?

    Are you putting a hyperlink to prompt the browser so that it’ll open the website?

    It may seem a messy way to navigate to your website.

    Why don’t you embed that website directly into that presentation? 


    Yes, you can do so. But, you have to use a high quality third party app, like LiveWeb. Alternatively, you can:

    · Take screenshots of your web pages.

    · Hyperlink them with your website.

    · Or, you can integrate a video by downloading it on your system.


    5. Save as JPEG Fonts: Do you work on the Mac?

    I questioned it because what I’m going to share in this point is particularly for the Mac 2011. This version of the PowerPoint doesn’t allow embedding of customised fonts within it. If you choose those typefaces, it puts your efforts in vain.


    Don’t believe?

    Ok. Just run your PPT on another system.

    Have you seen the changes practically?


    You can get off this problem easily. I have a solution.

    ·  Save your slides in the JPEG format. You can use online editing canvas, like Canva, to convert the slide into this format.

    · Thereafter, unify them in your presentation by dragging and dropping. If you try this trick on your Mac, it won’t take more than a wink to upload.

    · Avoid animation, if you don’t want to encounter speed breakers in uploading. But, a lot of JPEGs can hamper its speed.  

    · If animation is irresistible need, you can go to the Animations tab to use JPEG slides that are saved frame by frame.

    · Do the requisite settings on slides, appear on the slide (transitions), receive emphasis (font colour), exit the slide (exit effect) and follow a defined path (path animation).

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