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  • Benefits of Objective-C language over procedural language

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                                            Benefits of Objective-C over procedural languages

              Objective-C is a programming language used by apple to develop OS X and IOS operating system as well as its applications where as no such kind of application can be developed with the help of procedural languages.
          Objective-C language is more flexible than procedural languages as it is purely object oriented language.
            When we are working on Objective-C two approach are provided one is object oriented approach and procedural approach where as only one approach is available in procedural languages i.e procedural approach.
            Small talk like messaging is provided by Objective-C and no such kind of facility is provided in procedural languages.
            Objective-C is suitable for completing large or complex task where as procedural languages are suitable for small tasks.
            Syntax available in Objective-C is much more easier (small,unambiguous) to learn than procedural languages to understand and usage.
            Objective-C is a dynamic language as it provides open style of dynamic binding ,a style that can accommodate a simple architecture for interactive user interface,provides user choices at runtime and developer freedom of expression in their design where as procedural languages are not dynamic.
            Applications developed by Objective-C language can run in multiple platform as compare to procedural languages.
            Security level is high in application developed by Objective-C language as restriction can be provided by using access specifiers with in the classes where as security is low in application developed with procedural languages.
            Objective-C support all type of inheritance excluding multiple inheritance where as no such feature is available in procedural languages.
            Procedural languages emphasis on functions where as Objective-C language emphasis on both function and data.
            Objective-C support overloading by which multiple forms of a single entity can be used where as procedural languages doesn’t support overloading.
            Automatic garbage collection is an additional feature provided by Objective-C language, no such facility is available by procedural languages.
            Objective-C language is based on objects that’s why this programming language helps the developer to relate with the real world where as procedural languages are based on structured programming.
            Code reusability is the key feature of Objective-C language over procedural languages.
            Debugging is easy in Objective-C language if a particular object turns out to be a problem,simple removal of that object is solution where as objects are not a part of procedural languages so debugging is not easy.


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