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  • Android App Development Required for Personal Exercise Diary Application

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    Duration: 1-3 months

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    I have been exercising for years, using an excel-based diary to see how far I have been going.

    I've bicycled a distance from my hometown in Norway to Moscow, via Kiev and Chisinau through Europe, across Crete, then from Metulla in Israel around the Sinai Peninsula, all the way through Africa to Cape Town, then New Zealand at length and now someways into Australia.

    I think it would be nice to have an app which can be personalized with email, where I set a starting point, ex. Oslo, Norway and then I add this information

    Glucose level before exercise
    Walking: km/miles
    Bicycling: km/miles
    Glucose level after exercise
    Median pulse (bpm)
    Time spent exercising in minutes or hours/minutes
    Which activity done in exercise
    How many Calories spent

    At the end of the week/month/year an email is sent to ones own address with a total
    Minutes spent
    Km/miles spent
    Pulse median
    Glucose level median (for diabetics)

    An added bonus could be that the app calculates from point X to Y (continuously updated) that you have bicycled or walked from X (i.e. Oslo, New York, etc.) to Y (Bergen, Los Angeles, etc.) and when you reached your goal you will have an email with congratulations (this info could be gleaned from Google Earth or similar).

    Please contact me if you think this is doable. Let's talk business.

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