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  • All about Kraken PHP Framework

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    Kraken is revered as one of the only multi-threaded, multi-processed, fault-tolerant and one of the best PHP Framework. It is a new framework written to offer reliable and easy API for making distributed PHP applications. It aims to offer solution to typical problems of writing such applications and offering developers an elegant yet powerful tools for ideal PHP development.



    Prime objective of Kraken Web Application Framework is to offer:


    Concurrency: Create systems that are concurrent and asynchronous  by design


    Distribution: Segregate your application into a number of containers and run them on multiple threads, hosts or processors


    Faul tolerance:  Write systems that self-heal using remote and local supervision hierarchies


    Elasticity: Modify existing architecture in realtime without need to change in code


    High performance: Handle up to thousands of connections per second on each container,


    Extensibility: Use available options to extend and adapt framework features for your needs


    Kraken enables you to start writing the applications that were previously marked impossible or hard to implement. Kraken makes everything possible. It offers a lot more than service-oriented architecture, servers, complex daemons, agent-based models, schedulers, games and socket programs.


    Top Kraken Features


    • Support for asynchronous programming using fully-featured event Loop with multiple backgrounds
    • Consistent multi-threading and multiprocessing  
    • Support for event-driven architecture
    • Easy to understand and work with Promise-based API
    • Configurable local and remote supervision hierarchies
    • Process and Thread abstraction as isolated message-driven containers
    • Built-in message routing system and IPC abstraction
    • Extensible Console and Server interface
    • Centralized deployment and management
    • Asynchronous Stream wrappers
    • Asynchronous UDP and TCP sockets
    • ReactPHP-compatibility adapters and more
    • Standalone HTTP and WebSocket server
    • Variety of IPC models




    Kraken is capable of emitting thousands of messages, connections and million of events using a single container. It is scalable for a number of threads and processes, able to handle higher amount of connections than Node.js, faster than the traditional PHP approaches.     




    • PHP-5.5, PHP-5.6 or PHP-7.0+,
    • UNIX OS.
    • Pthreads extension enabled (only if you want to use threading),


    Documentation, installation and license


    Documentation for the web app framework can be found in the official documentation page. However, to see installation instructions, you can visit the application skeleton or go to installation guide. It is an open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license. The documentation is provided under FDL-1.3 license.


    Help & Support


    If you experience an problem or find anything misleading or confusing, you can look for help and support in following ways.



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