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  • A Point Based Guide To SMS Marketing

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    SMS is the abbreviated form of Short Messaging Services, which every one of you is well-aware of. It is a form of mobile based marketing strategy, for reaching out to customers through the notion of text messages. Right now, this service is making quite a quick stride as effective communication form for reaching out to target customers. By the end of 2020, around 90% of world population will have mobile devices. Therefore, the SMS marketing growth is here to stay, if not rise with passing time!


    For some people, SMS marketing is often one of the most direct and personal form of communication, designed to reach out to customers. Some reports clearly indicated that around one-third of customers will check their mobile devices within 5 minutes of waking up. Individuals check their mobile devices around 50 times a day on an average. SMS marketing also has one of the major CTR and low CPS rate, making it an effective marketing medium for pushing promotions and offers to customers.

    Key benefits you cannot deny:

    There are some major benefits involved with the field of SMS marketing. It is becoming an essential form of multi-channel based strategy for targeting customers. It comes with higher ROI as well. It is always true to state that SMS will not just help in reaching a target group well, but it helps in initiating a two-way communication with the company and customer. If worked with high end privacy of customers and following legal means, SMS marketing is a best way to gain customer feedback through some surveys. This step, in turn, helps in building accountability and brand resonance. So, without wasting any more time, just get the benefits covered first

    • The service of SMS practices is quite lower in price, making it budget friendly.
    • It comes with a higher conversion rate. Within the first 4 minutes, around 97% of text messages stand read or seen.
    • It is a highly actionable platform with around 19% customers clicking on link in SMS, when compared to email or other advertising medium with less than 5%.
    • Result oriented close to 30% SMS campaigns help in generating a promising and average response rate of 30%. It is proven to be highest for any medium in town.


    Creating that successful campaign based on Short Messaging Services:

    Once you are sure of the key benefits of SMS and its smsapi, it is time to check on ways to successfully create your very own SMS campaign. It might sound easy but the reality is not that simple. However, following some simple steps might help you gain a rewarding answer.

    1.      Segmenting your audience first:

    Just like email marketing and cold calling, if you fail to send the proper message to right audience, your SMS will be considered as a spam and a proper nuisance. Segmenting audience will help in ensuring that right individual ends up receiving relevant informative SMS. It helps in passing the chasm between spam message and informative ones. Your focus needs to be on the purchase history of customers. Make sure to collect the demographic data of customers as it helps in targeting people better.

    2.      Proficient timing of message:

    Timing always forms the major key for any kind of marketing based message. It is mandatory to note than messages need not have to be pervasive. It may not be a good or clever strategy to message any person late at night or early in the morning. Unlike emails, where email campaigns on weekends will not provide expected solution, SMS campaign will be able to provide an amazing result. Experimentation is the main way to identify all the opportunities, designed to run campaign and gain optimum results. You can always try experimenting with scheduler for drafting messages and send the same out for delivery t specified time.

    3.      Best ways to position the message:

    Messages with promising “call to action” are the best way to address people and their needs. Some of the open ended SMSs are lesser successful when compared to those which require users to execute any proper tasks or messages as relating to deal with some limited time offers. When compared to emails with their open rates spiking after 24 execution hours of campaign, SMS spikes at around 70% open rates within the initial 60 minutes. So, you will get the chance to actually personalize SMS by just inserting first name of customer and then branding yourself by settling up company’s name as sender’s one.

    4.      Make is simple and concise:

    The point in mind while creating SMS is the limitation of 160 characters. The major success notion is to create shorter and to the point messages. Try to add the CTA along with the main portion of the message in highlighted ways, just to grab people’s eyes right away. Here, the key attributes will be the to the point answer, explaining what exactly you want to portray and even providing a promising deadline at the same time.

    You should also try to avoid sending any kind of frivolous messages. Such SMSs are designed to annoy the customers quite a bit. It might even give you the title of a spammer, which is the last thing you ever wanted! The best practice over here includes opt-out option in SMS. It ensures that customers will not receive message at any time. You might also have to use some URL shortners like and without sharing some massive tracking URLs.

    5.      Customer engagement and some feedbacks:

    The average response to an SMS from customers is within first 5 minutes of receiving it. Around 31% of customers work in that manner. It further helps in following up with customers for email campaign like checking out latest offers and more. This service helps in increasing the email open rates. Try keeping the database clean by removing some of the non-responsive numbers.

    Following these simple points can help you work on SMS campaigns, which will address in your business growth shortly

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