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  • 9 simple steps to improve your technology blog

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    How to create good original content for a technology blog seems to be the question on everyones mind. It is to be noted that just uploading codes doesn't count as good blogging. One needs to support the code with some content which highlights its importance and usage. Here are 9 ways to enhance the content of your blog:

    1. Keep it simple- While thinking about what words to use, try keeping them as simple and communicative as possible. One should understand his or her own grammatical limitations before going forward with creating sentences. Short simple sentences are better to start off with. With these you avoid grammatical errors and can convey what you want.

    2. What to write?- Typical to blogs based on technology, you should describe the codes that you put in. A brief description about how and where the code is used is a must.

    3. (Ctrl C+ Ctrl V)- Although we can take references from other blogs that we admire, but it is important to focus on originality. Copy pasting content is easy but embarrassing, it also involves copyright issues. Hence the content generated should be original, even if it is simple and crisp.

    4. Size of Blog- Ideally a technology blog should be between 200-800 words. In actuality there is no upper limit but one should not create a blog of fewer than 100 words to support your code. The content should describe where and by whom can the code be used. If the code is self explanatory then a strong heading with comments can be implemented.

    5. Headings- The heading of your article should be short, impactful and explain what your blog is about. The heading should focus on how the reader benefit from reading your post. Typically you should create heading which contain a specified number of ways/tips.

      Heading 1
      tips for writing better
      keyword research for SEO
      convert day into specific day of week
      Heading 2
      9 tips that will help you write good technology blogs.
      3 ways to improve your keyword research for SEO.
      Simple code to convert date into specific day of the week

    6. Heading 2 represents correct headings. It means the same as heading 1 but is more impactful.

    7. Read in your free time- Read other technology blogs like Techcrunch, GigaOM, How to geek so as to get ideas and understand patterns of technological blog writing.

    8. Using the Pre tag- The pre tag enables you to enter illustrative codes in proper format. It is available as a part of the tool bar. You simply have to select your code and click on the tool.

    9. Using the preview - You should confirm through the preview section that your content, including pictures, is in proper alignment, code is clear, all links are properly inserted and there are no spelling and capslock errors.

    10. Tagging- You should use tags which are relevant to the technology and specific to the codes you are writing about.

    11. It would be great if all of us can help each other as we move towards a brighter future.Feel free to share your views and issues that you face in content creation and blog writing.

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