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  • 9 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Influence Business in the Present and Near Future

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    Cellphones today have facial recognition, speech recognition and automated translation, features that were only commercially available to large corporations only a decade ago. Nowadays, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, they have become a standard that end-consumers have access to in the palm of their hands. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, provides endless opportunities for businesses owners to implement change and minimise disruption as technological advances continue to move forward.


    While many companies lack the practices to get value from AI at scale, you can still implement AI to enhance various office processes. Let's take a look at how AI might affect your business today and in the future.


    Informed Decision Making

    Companies invest millions of dollars on cognitive software capabilities. In the short term, this process might not yield the expected returns. However, computer algorithms will play a major role in business operations across industries, sooner than you expect.


    AI is more efficient at analysing and interpreting large data, and at a faster rate than standard methods. Your business can build more personalised and profitable campaigns based on the analysis. AI takes over the cumbersome process of harvesting information from your users. Such information includes insight from images, video, text and numbers. AI improves the capacity of your budget to do more.


    Enhanced Cybersecurity

    Business owners are paying more attention to security with the rising levels of cyber-attacks. Cybercriminals use sophisticated techniques and advanced malware to penetrate your network and steal customer data.


    Some of the best web hosting companies in New Zealand such as Net 24 and are leveraging AI for robust server security applications. They use AI to encrypt threats, intercepting them as and when they develop. The predictive power of AI ensures the user gets an alert the moment they become a target.


    Revolutionary Voice Search

    AI and speech assistants like Siri or Alexa are revolutionary in digital marketing. Similar to SEO, it pairs the user's command with the result. People don't want to type. They want to speak and get the result immediately. AI recognises what you say and generates the best answer to a query.


    A Makeover for Digital Marketing

    The makeover includes sorting data, evaluating collated information, and the application of information gleaned from the process.


    Today's marketer trusts AI apps to help them run their business. Content promotion will be hinged on data collected. AI collects information on search patterns, buying behaviour and customer interests. Based on the result, AI predicts future behaviour and buying patterns. The analysis is then used to enrich marketing procedures and create the best campaigns.


    New Applications in the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry

    Derrick Johnson, the CEO of Encounter AI, created Mai as a solution to simplify ordering. The initial idea was focused on people who had difficulty ordering at a restaurant or who had food allergies. Mai uses voice technology to make restaurants friendlier, faster and more efficient. It also provides accessibility for the blind.


    Sound devices augment daily living for the visually impaired. Mai makes it possible to leverage voice tech for transactions at brick and mortar establishments, such as clothing stores or restaurants.


    Streamlined Supply Chain

    The supply chain is an area where AI improves agility and accuracy by automating manual processes. Innovations such as AI-equipped drones, driverless warehouse carts and program-guided vehicles makes the supply chain less fallible than ever.


    In the near future, the adoption of robotic process automation, Amazon's natural language processing, and deep learning technologies will become essential.


    Improved E-commerce Operations

    Artificial Intelligence has brought a competitive edge to e-commerce stores. It is available for businesses of all sizes and budgets. An amazing feature of AI is the automatic tag and search feature that labels images and video on the store correctly.


    Shoppers also enjoy an enhanced experience when looking for items in a specific colour, shape, size or brand. Automated bots make it easier to address the preference of customers through their purchase history.


    Targeting the Right Audience and Predicting Deals

    To make your business more valuable, it is crucial that your content reaches the right audience. AI-based digital marketing ensures you've targeted the right audience. The ability of AI is also useful in predicting future markets. Instead of guessing approaching trends, you can create solutions that will be applicable in the future.


    AI for Small and Large Businesses

    AI can be used in many ways depending on the business intelligence insights and organisational needs. From mining social data, automating tasks and driving engagement in customer relationships, the possibilities are infinite.


    Companies with million dollar budgets have more opportunities to harness the powers of AI. Corporations such as Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Amazon have teams working all day to build and maintain machine learning tools that deliver the best results.


    Small businesses use Artificial Intelligence tools such as integrated chatbots and voice search assistants to offer personalised services and help customers find information.



    AI is growing in use, especially in the world of digital marketing and technology. It has become so indispensable that businesses wanting to excel today, and stay relevant in the future, cannot afford to ignore it.

    9 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Influence Business in the Present and Near Future

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