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  • 7 Things You Didn't Know About Deep Web Technology

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    The deep web which is also known as the hidden web is really a deep side of the internet where search engines have not indexed the information. This is why the information remains invisible to human eye unless they use software to review it.


    In other words, deep web facilitates a safe haven to hackers and scammers with its matchless privacy qualities. However, in this post, we will discuss things about the deep web that a great proportion of internet users don’t know.


    Here are things you might don’t know about deep web.


    1. A Huge Amount Of Hidden Content

    Undoubtedly, the deep web is the warehouse to a much larger amount of secret content and information. According to a recent statistics, it is revealed that the content accessed through search engines, only makes up about 10-15% of the deep web content.


    2.Different Point Of Access

    It is the most surprising fact of the deep web which makes it exclusive from ordinary internet resources. In order to access deep web resources, users need special means like the most famous Tor network.


    Basically, Tor was developed to provide unidentified internet usage facility to users. Sadly Tor has become a popular medium through which hacker and scammer engage in fraudulent activities. By using, Tor anyone could easily overcome their countries online restrictions to engage in unlawful activities.


    3.Impossible To Identify

    Almost every country agencies try to block the access of deep web resources as well as Tor network but fail to halt its operations. Despite restrictions in many countries such as China, the US a great number of people relies on Tor and deep web to protect their online privacy. The main reason behind this is the pure privacy which is impossible to track by any world agency.


    4.Causes of Revolutions

    You will be surprised to know that the deep web was the main platform where the Arab Spring revolution was planned and operated. The Arab activists use the invisible web in 2010 to protest again governments in the Egypt and Tunisia.


    5.Full Security

    In today's tech driven world deep web is became the great source to secure information. And this is why famous politicians and journalists rely on it to secure their information.


    This is because the information secured in a deep way is impossible to track by using any application. Even NSA developers fail to produce software that will track the IP or any clue of hidden users.


    6.Bitcoin Is The Currency On Darknet

    Bitcoin is the most common currency used in all deep web services for trading purposes. Many traders use Tor network for the trading purpose to save tax and duties by selling goods and services online. They use Bitcoin as the currency for conducting a wide range of transactions.


    Furthermore, most of the finance category websites uses Bitcoin for money laundering and stolen card trade activities.


    7.Controlling The Hidden Web

    Many recent reporters claim that a large number of deep web sites are restricted by government network. They also claim that government is making strategies to eliminate illegal activities on the deep web and to make it content accessible for all. The deep web has been a hub of countless illegal activities, but with the current strict operations of government, the freedom of hackers and scammers on the internet will vanish.


    In the closing, it could be stated now that the information shared in the above passage is appropriate for internet users who want to discover about Darknet.


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    Abigail Bres is the writer of this post. She serves as head of a content team of a popular educational forum. In addition, she is also a senior member of the team of essay writers online that is committed to assist students in their academic papers.

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