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  • 6 Tempting Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 for Business Entrepreneurs

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    Undeniably digital marketing has played a lead role in the success of online and offline businesses. Online marketing has opened up a number of doors for businesses to drive more customers and profit. This is why companies are following latest digital marketing trends to maximize their brand awareness.

    Therefore, in this post, we will discuss the most vital digital marketing trends which will reshape the branding of companies until 2018. Here are six tempting digital marketing trends for 2018.


    1.       Excelling Micro-Moments


    Mobile Technology has become a major channel for customer interaction and engagement with worldwide businesses. Today the concept of micro-moments has shifted to smartphones. Now customers are using smartphones from long-term planning to the shopping of grocery items from the nearest store. From the latest statistics, it is proved that about 90% of buyers use their smartphones to place the required order instantly. If you want to be a successful brand then you should provide the right information at the right time to customers in need.


    With a quick and one-touch access to the needed information, you could easily build a long-lasting relationship with your customer.


    2.       Visual Content


    The value of exciting and informative content is enhancing day to day in the digital world. Whether you want to launch a new product or you want to boost the sales of your existing products, you will need an element of video for positive results. This is because visual content attracts and attach customers on a much deeper level. And that’s why popular brands are posting highly-engaging videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.


    Mobile users are also spending more time in watching exciting videos than reading lengthy content. Thus, the trend of promoting high-quality visual content is vital to climb high in future.


    3.       Native Advertisement


    Nowadays native advertising has become one of the most powerful marketing methods. No one wants to interrupt with frustrating and irrelevant instant pops out ads. In this circumstance, native ads facilitate brands to grab the attention of leads in a user-friendly manner. Basically, native ads enable marketers to put the right content in front of the leads when they actually need it. According to a recent report, the CTR rates for native ads on mobile gadgets are four times higher, than other types of advertisement. The report also suggests that native ads have higher engagement rates on mobile gadgets as compared to desktop systems.


    4.       Customer-Centric Content


    The Market Researchers found that customer-centric content marketing is 60% more profitable as compared to traditional ones. This is why top marketers are listening to what their customers want to generate content as per their interest. This marketing trend is widely accepted within the marketing community and marketers are still struggling to execute it.


    In order to create a customer centric content, it is imperative to learn about the lifestyle, habits, and preferences of targeted customers. You can also use customer’s sales data and purchase history to effectively understand their requirements.


    When you have a better understanding of your customers, you could build strong relationships with them and fosters brand loyalty.


    5.       Dynamic Content


    Dynamic content also referred to as smart content, is website content that changes according to the interest and past behavior of the visitor. It is designed to offer a more relevant and personalized experience to customers through a user-friendly website.


    Any marketer could facilitate their customers with dynamic content by using CRM system. For instance, you could create different ads content for your leads and customers, so you can benefit your customers with the most relevant and appropriate stuff.


    6.       Tech Tools


    In today’s tech driven world digital marketers are using powerful gadgets to track the requirement of customers. If you have the right tool, then you could understand the exact customer needs to deliver the best efforts.


    Tech tools are becoming a hot trend of digital marketing that helps provide real-time responses to consumers. It also assists in figuring out the right data to facilitate customers in a quick manner.


    Author Bio

    Sarah Wingett is the creator of this article. She is a professional business coach as well as a marketing expert at UK Dissertation writing service and you’ll find these two common themes in her blogs.

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