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  • 6 Google Advanced Search Query Syntax for SEO Professionals

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    In 2016, Google made the record of 100 Billions monthly searches. Google has amazing average of 2.3 millions searches per second. Google covers over 70% market among the various search engines. As an SEO expert, we have to give special focus to Google above all other major search engines.

    Google Advanced Search Query Syntax for SEO Professionals.png


    So, Let's Begin


    Some Google Advanced Search Query Syntax for SEO Professionals


    • Search With quotes(“”)

    Anything you search in double quotes will tell Google and will exactly show the result in the particular order. For example, if you searched this “Automatically Forward Your Gmail Email to Another Email Address ”. It will show the blog or some content posted with exactly same matching order. Without double quotes, it may show differing rearranged result.


    • Site: Query (

    This site syntax is very simple, but it’s most widely used for SEO. For example, ‘’ will return all the web pages indexed by Google as from


    For an SEO Expert, it is used to know how many pages practically indexed by Google. If the difference between your website indexed and web pages published is more, then there must be an issue with your site crawling.


    • Intitle: “Search Query”:

    Nowadays, almost all SEO Expert know the power of keywords in title tag. So, this will definitely help us to find our competitor using the same or similar keywords. For example: Search query ‘intitle:Web design company’ shows  the list of websites using that Web design company keywords in their web page titles.


    • Info: Syntax:

    Google’s info syntax is the most useful in SEO industry. But one thing is that it is used by Google, not by Yahoo or Yandex. For example, if we need to search the information of offshore software outsourcing development company like Just search in Google ‘’

    Apart from title and description of a website, it will show some other useful information:


    Cache: Search Query:

    It will show you the Google index cache content of a particular website in past dates and time. Basically, it tells you when Google crawls that particular web page. For example will show you that it is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on on particular date and time.


    Related: Search Query:

    Search Query related is also an important warheads in the armory of any seo expert.  It will show the website similar to a another related website. For example, search query ‘’ will show you a site similar to Facebook like Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc.



    Advanced search query is the most important weapons of any SEO warrior. These are just a trailer of some queries that can give you a large competitive edge from your competitors. Hope this blog excites you. Do message your query or you can shower your social love on me at @iHarishPal.

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