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  • 5 Web Design Color Scheme Techniques You Should Know

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    When a client shows interest in effective branding, it is asking you for impressive designs and soothing user experience. This gets a little crazier at times but not to rule out practice in web designing. Today, most of the websites are focused on digitalizing businesses. This is where they are missing the essence of user experience. It often becomes complicated to choose from a range of elements. We make it clear that branding isn’t a piece of cake for everyone. 


    Being a web designer doesn’t mean you know everything about digital marketing. The discipline itself carries the whole world, which gets easier to understand with experience and professional guidance. If we talk about the relationship between psychology and user experience, then what comes first in mind? You might be thinking about enhancing sensory functions with perceiving stunning outlook. 


    web color design


    This mind-challenger was to check if you are on the right track. Well, you have some knowledge about the psychology and user experience but are you utilizing it properly? We always come up with too many questions because it eventually enhances the cognitive skills and helps to think the other way. 


    Coming back to the point, web designing is all about psychology and user experience. Many web designers pick the elements that they think are creative and will inspire users. But it is not valid. The user experience is only satisfied when a web designer is a pro in mixing the colors. 


    That’s what our point is. Web designing color themes are vital in maintaining a user experience, and it helps a lot in branding too. Even the research says that 90% of the user decisions are driven by appealing yet unmatchable color themes of the website. 


    The statistic further clears the concept regarding the best practices in web designing. Did you know? A brand is likely to generate leads if it includes attractive and appealing colors. This gives an idea of how online businesses go beyond perfection when the designers give attention to small elements. 


    If you lack the best practices to beat the brands in creating an online presence, then we are here to help you come out of the stress. This post tells you about choosing right color themes for a website that is memorable and profitable at the same time. 


    Let’s Revamp Websites with Best Color Schemes – Let’s See How!

    Learning gives more exposure to new dimensions. Here, we are emphasizing on some tips and tricks that are handy and effective for making a website look perfect. 


    1. Be in Your Color Boundary

    Your website is not bound to adding colors that are not on the list. However, it looks more attractive if the colors are closer to your company logo. Remember, one color always dominates the design. Do not look for any other color that does not matches the brand at all. 


    While you select the colors from the palette, explore the brand from top to bottom and see what your primary color is. Users never feel like giving attention to the websites that have too many colors. It simply distracts the attention, and in the end, you will suffer a lot. 


    2. Number is the Real Game

    Have you seen how Hong Kong B2B trade site is designed? It has only 3 colors – the most recommended number in deciding the color scheme of the website. 


    It can again confuse you a little bit but focus on the website color scheme that looks appealing and eye-catching. If you are still in the middle of nowhere, then get help from people around you. Make sure these are the primary users of the websites, and they will give you recommendation based on their experiences. 


    You can also opt for 60-30-10 rule. That is way too simple. The theory says that a web designer must divide the three colors in different percentages to maintain consistency. 


    3. Secondary Colors are a Good Option too

    Don’t you feel good in playing with single color? Secondary colors should be the next essential choice. 


    Your website color scheme should not limit to a single choice; it can be even appealing with some addition of secondary colors. When a website has too many stuff placed on the landing page or even on other pages, then it must have some secondary colors added. 


    If you are facing any problem in deciding which color suits the design, then you may find many color palette tools. Just enter the combination and see what other colors best matches. 


    4. Greyscale Shouldn’t be Ignored

    While you are making every bit of the website colorful, try to be as unique as you can. Black, white, and grey are some of those options that enhance the vibrancy of the web design. 


    Just think for a while – painting your room with one wall yellow, one wall red, one wall green, and one orange. How does it feel to you? The same is the case with the website. The users always wish to see some spaces that refresh their mind, and it does not get boring too.


    These neutral colors work as spaces. Just like you come out of this painted room to look for more colors and brightness, the users on the Internet feel energetic when there is a break in colors. 


    5. Revise and Brainstorm Till you Drop 

    Your work isn’t finished yet. A website is never completed until a neutral person reviews it. Just a handy tip is to recheck the work and see if it is going well with the brand. 


    There comes a time when a web designer feels being out of the world and has no idea what even he is up to. Don’t hesitate here – rightly brainstorming can get everything on the track. If you are not happy with the work, then visualize the website color scheme that you think is inspiring. This idea goes the same for all users. 



    So, you should be aware of how the website can look interesting and appealing at the same time. These handy tricks are way too easy that a web designer must learn to enhance branding. Now, you can become a pro web designer that a company would love to hire. 


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