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  • 5 Ways to Optimize Your Business Applications

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    Today, the vast majority of customers are spending their time on apps that are mobile. What does this mean for app creators? This makes creating a mobile app that stands out from the crowd is more crucial than ever before.


    In the world of applications, it is vital to understand the need for eye-catching useful apps that are frequently monitored with application performance monitoring in order to make sure that your apps are the apple of your customers' eyes.     


    Why Optimize My App?


    If you look at your own phone, you will see that many of your apps see very little use, if any. In fact, only about 5 or less apps get any real usage on the average phone, so the competition to be one of those apps is extremely intense. This means that your app must make waves in order to be recognized. If you are not doing everything it takes to make your app stand out, your app will get very little attention and you will not be able to make a profit.


    What Steps Should I Take to Optimize?


    1. Your app needs to be useful


    This may sound obvious, but some people have apps on their phone because it was attractive, but after they downloaded it, they never saw a need to use it. If your app is not meeting a real, current need, it will not be used. This means that it must be valuable to customers. It needs to fill an important function in their lives.


    2. Your app needs to be attractive


    It does no good if your app is useful, but people don't see it. It needs to stick out among other apps. Use sharp, bold colors for your icon, (but maybe a softer background) powerful images, or vivid, but concise descriptions. Invest in making a memorable image in the search results. This is what compels people to click on your app.


    3. Less is more


    It may seem contradictory after what was just stated about having a colorful app that stands out, but do not add too many elements. Wordy apps will discourage customers. It may be a good idea not to add any words. A meaningful icon will preempt the need for words.


    4. Grouping your app


    How do you categorize your app? In what group would it fit best? As a rule of thumb, it is most effective to choose the category that is most suitable, rather than several categories. This will ensure that your customers know exactly what your app is created to do. For example, if you have an app that is listed in health and fitness, but also in self-help, then there may be some confusion. Is it a self-help product or health and fitness?


    5. Know your competition


    There is always going to be someone at the top of the rankings, a competitor par excellence.


    Find what makes your most successful rivals click. Study their keywords, images, titles, etc. "How are they getting ranked?" Be as original as you can, but also understand that there is nothing new under the sun. The most successful app creators have sampled from other successful systems. It is through trial and error that they learned the techniques to drive significant traffic to their app site.


    One Final Word


    Stay in tune with what your customers are saying about your app. Listen to criticisms, critiques, and compliments. Wherever you can, make timely adjustments, based upon your evolving knowledge of customer's comments. If there are any problems, they should be dealt with promptly and updated information should reflect this. This is vital to the success of your app. An app may start out being useful, but it will quickly become obsolete if its creator cannot or will not adapt to this mercurial business.

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