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  • 5 Things You Need for Your Online Business Website

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    Web hosting service providers help businesses a lot by providing them with a business website that highly attracts clients. Comparisons are common so as to see the difference in the services being provided by each competitor in this field. You can read this US web hosting comparison on Mangomatter to know the best hosting providers in the United States. It is essential for any business to have a business website to help interact with the existing clients and attract many new customers. When it comes to creating a website many people concentrate on how attractive the site will be; the color scheme, clear-cut navigation, and sharp visuals. Yes, these things are essential, but there are other things that should not miss in your website if you want to achieve the objectives of a business website.


    1. About Us Page

    This is always the first page the client should navigate to on your site. This will help those visiting your page for the first time, understand the business/company better. A business website without this page seems incredible and faceless. This page gives the site identity. To have a strong about us page, you need to provide a brief history of your company, use real photos, be sincere and use facts to support your statements.


    2. Contact Details

    A website without contact details that a client can use to express their interest in your services or products can never meet the objective of a business website no matter how attractive it is. Contact details should be easy to find. The best way is to put a contact us page on the top level navigation. Here you can write your email address, phone numbers, social media contact details and physical address. Another option is to put the information on the bottom of every page. Make it easy for your clients to reach you.


    3. Mobile-Friendly Website

    In the recent times, a lot of people are using their mobile phones or tablets to do their online search. Browsing using a desktop or a laptop can be very different from browsing with a mobile phone or tablet. It is therefore essential to ensure that your business website is mobile friendly and clients can quickly navigate it using their mobile phones. Make sure all the keys that are meant to be clicked can be quickly clicked on the phone. All these facts bring the attention of all the business startups who are looking to build a custom website for their newly launched business. These startups are now focusing hard on developing a fully responsive website so that visitors can browse it through multiple devices like laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc. and get engaged for a longer duration. That is why these startups keep searching for leading IT consults in the market who know better how to create a website which is fully mobile-friendly so as to beat the competition in the business market. 


    4. Metadata

    The primary objective of the business website is to have many people visit the site and learn about you. Metadata is what explains to the search engine what every page on the site is about. From these, the search engine can tell how relevant the information is according to the search of a client. Adding keywords to the metadata gives your website high chances of been displayed more often. Many people leave out metadata and keep wondering why their sites aren’t getting visitors. Don’t be a victim.


    5. Blog

    This is another thing that many people neglect, and it is of great importance. It is here that you can update any changes in the business/ company. You also keep the customers engaged and utilize the SEO properties that the blog provides. Clients can also share your blogs and this way you get more visitors.



    Do not concentrate so much on how attractive your website will be; this will not be of great help. For example, if you have a beautiful welcome page but miss to give the contacts details, clients will learn about your services or products but will not be able to reach you so they will opt to look for another option. If you miss on the metadata, the search engine will rank your website low thus fewer visitors. You cannot afford to miss on any of the five.



    This does not mean that you do not look into the color scheme and visuals; you will have to look into them but concentrate more on the five. This way the website will, with no doubts, achieve its objectives of marketing your company and attracting more clients.

    5 Things You Need for Your Online Business Website

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