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Website Recovery from Spam Attack
  • 5 Steps to Protect & Recover a Website From Phishing Attack

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    If you have a website and suddenly seen a drop in number of visitors towards your website then you must be very aware about this issue because it might be an spam attack or you can say your website got hacked from spammers. This could lead to a serious problem if you have an e-commerce portal with good amount of daily incoming visitors from various part of the world. This will drop your sales ratio drastically as compared to the earlier sales stats, so you must be ready to take immediate action to resolve this issue without any delay. Here are a list of steps which can help you to diagnose and resolve this issue.

    Step 1 - Diagnose the issue   


    If you start seeing notifications and messages like this on SERP and web browsers that This site may harm your computer, This site may be hacked, The website ahead contains malware, Reported attack page, Phishing web forgery suspected, etc. then you must make yourself confirmed that your site is hacked by spammers. As and when you are aware of that , start diagnosing the possible reason behind this hack by:


    • Checking the error logs in your webmaster account.
    • Contacting your hosting provider for detailed error information.


    Step 2 - Build a tech team to fix issues


    Once you have caught all the issues on your website, the next step is to resolve these issues and for this you need to build a tech team who can deeply work on removing the infected files from the server and other places.


    Step 3 - Clean and maintain your domain


    After fixing the issues, clean your website completely for all threats and warnings, along with that also update the outdated plugins and maintain the security of your website so that there isnt any further spammy link, content, malware or infected file exiting.

    Step 4 - Request a Review to Google


    After the complete cleanup of your domain, the next step is to make Google aware that all the issues on the website have been fixed and website is now ready to use by all visitors without any threat. For this we need to submit a review request to Google through webmaster account, so that Google start reconsidering your website and crawl all the web pages again.

    Step 5 - Report Google for removing unwanted phishing or spam messages


    Along with sending a review request to Google, we also need to report Google for removing unwanted phishing or spam messages/warning associated with the search results for your domain. For this you can browse the Report Incorrect Phishing Warning and submit the domain URL along with the comment you want to express to Google.




    If you will follow the following mentioned 5 steps correctly then you will get your website protected and recovered quickly from the web spam or phishing attack.


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