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  • 5 Future Trends in Machine Learning and AI Technology

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    The rise of AI and machine learning in the past years has been significant. Computers don’t just follow simple rules anymore. They are programmed to learn and make decisions based on the information input.


    These days the AI development is being watched closely. Predictions based on machine learning trends are shaping a number of industries. The machine’s ability to apply large amounts of data without getting explicit instructions is changing the world as we know it.


    1. Cloud Intelligence

    Companies use certain algorithms to analyze their business. However, such proposition may not be cost-efficient since there are no guarantees of profit increase. Companies usually spend large amounts of money collecting data, hiring specialists, and training them to deal with constantly changing information.


    More and more data is becoming available. Thankfully, clouds are making it easier to store it. In the future, there will be no need to deal with the infrastructure since the cloud system can create new models as soon as the operation scale changes while providing better results. More open-source machine learning frameworks are appearing and making information storage and management easier.


    2. Quantum Computers Abilities

    Machine learning can manipulate and classify large quantities of vectors in high-dimensional spaces. Today, the algorithms require a large amount of time to deal with these problems and end up costing substantial amounts of money for the companies to finish the business processes.


    Quantum computers are expected to become popular, as soon as they are able to work with high-dimensional vectors within a short period of time. In the future, they will increase the number of processed dimensions and vectors compared to the traditional algorithms.


    3. Improved Customer Experience

    These days, retailers are investing substantial amounts of money in client search and improving the customer experience. The popularity of chatbots is on the rise. Reaching the target audience is complicated and often costly. The current algorithms are not always working consistently.


    In the future, Machine Learning can improve the personalization techniques and make the search for clients and interaction with them faster, easier, and more resultative. At the same time, Machine Learning will collect highly important data for further advertising efforts.


    4. Better Data Quality

    The amount of data in the world and for each company, in particular, is on the rise. This is making storage more and more complicated. Machine Learning is expected to help create high-quality data, which will help improve the user experience.


    For example, the autonomous car manufacturers create vast amounts of data in order to give a vehicle self-driving capabilities. Machine Learning helps the autopilot “make decisions” based on the high-quality data.


    5. Rise Of The Robotics Sector

    Robots are making our lives easier every day. Machine Learning allows manufacturers to perfect the algorithms used by robots. While simplifying our day-to-day lives, robotics can be used in a variety of industries, making the manufacturing process faster and reducing the costs while boosting the profits.


    Machine Learning offers endless possibilities. The above predictions are just the tip of the iceberg. In the upcoming years, the way we work and live may change thanks to the advancements in Machine Learning.


    About Author

    Agnieszka is an IT expert from BedRock IT Company who shared his insight on the upcoming machine learning trends. He is an avid learner and traveler. 

    5 Future Trends in Machine Learning and AI Technology

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