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  • 5 Elements Of A Strong Inbound Marketing Strategy

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    Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy designed to draw in more people and potential customers to your business rather than pushing your brand, product and services to them. In terms of digital marketing, inbound marketing uses a combination of marketing strategies like SEO, content marketing, and social media to attract the attention of potential customers. A successful inbound marketing strategy increases reach, revenue, and engagement of your audience in your website or social media channels. 


    Benefits Of Inbound Marketing


    Inbound marketing is different from traditional marketing strategies because it provides a more efficient way to create a positive customer experience. Inbound marketing strategies provide prospects with the right amount of information regarding your brand through articles or other online channels, rather than showing them an ad. There are a lot of benefits of working with inbound marketing, and that includes:


    • Allows focus on brand awareness
    • Increases sales
    • Generates more profit and growth
    • Improves trust and credibility 
    • Drives quality traffic and leads


    Elements Of A Strong Inbound Marketing Strategy


    Digital marketing has been critical in the last few years in terms of gauging business success. Many businesses use inbound marketing because it has been proven to create successful results. The main purpose of your inbound marketing strategy is to attract, engage, and improve customer relations and experience. 




    How do you make sure your inbound marketing strategy is strong? It all depends on the selection of your marketing methods and channels. Here are the top five elements of a strong marketing strategy:


    1. Knowing Your Customers


    Knowing your customer is an essential step and critical element of your inbound marketing strategy. Before you can create content or develop marketing strategies, you should know who your target prospects are. How do you create a clear customer profile? Here are some ways:


    • Identify your customers based on their behaviors, demographics, psychographics and other environmental factors
    • Evaluate your products or services, and define who will benefit more from using them. 
    • Ask your existing customers through surveys to gain insight into their interests, preferences, and purchasing habits
    • Get feedback from your customers on what they think you can improve on your business


    2. Content Marketing


    Creating valuable content is a mark of a strong inbound marketing strategy as it’s the element that attracts your prospects to your brand. The key to compelling content is not about directly promoting your business. You can make references to your products and services on topics you think are useful to your target audience. There are different types of content you can provide your prospects like blogs, videos, newsletters, infographics and social media content. Your content should exactly be tailored to what you learned about your customers from your generated profile. 


    3. SEO Strategies


    A strong inbound marketing strategy also includes working on SEO strategies. When you think about SEO, or search engine optimization, you instantly think about backlinks, keywords and codes. Many people think that SEO is complicated, but when you build your strategies with the right tools, you’ll soon realize that it’s easy to manage.


    Your SEO strategies should start by identifying and using important keywords that are relevant to your prospects. Again, go back to your customer profile and check the common keywords your prospects use to search for items similar to your business or brand. Next, you need to work on backlinks to improve your rankings in search engines. There are a lot of SEO guides you can check to ensure that you have a strong SEO strategy. 


    4. Promoting Your Brand


    Promoting your brand through inbound marketing tools is an essential element you shouldn’t miss. How do you improve brand awareness without using outbound marketing strategies? Here are some ways: 


    • Pay Per Click (PPC) – These are paid advertisements you see on the top of a search engine results page when someone types in an identified keyword of the business. PPC can be used not only to promote a product but also your site’s content. 
    • Social Media – Sharing your content through social media pages increases your reach as most people are scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Create solid social media practices to ensure your content reaches more people in your chosen platform. 
    • Pay Influencers – Influencers are considered affiliates who help promote your business online. The key is to find the right person whose following has similar characteristics as your target customers.


    5. Use Email Marketing


    Getting people to read your content is not enough to increase your sales. A strong inbound marketing strategy includes email marketing to ensure those people consuming your content becomes customers. Through your content pages, encourage your readers to sign up for weekly newsletter subscription or so they can receive news regarding your products. Many businesses use email marketing software to keep people updated and engaged with your business. 


    Final Thoughts


    Providing a positive experience for your audience will most likely turn them into loyal customers. You create a positive experience through working on the essential elements of a strong inbound marketing strategy. Providing your audience with useful content and continuing to engage them through emails and social media are critical in building your customer base. You’ll find many tools to help you online and experts you can work with. Always remember that when the customers are happy, the success of your business is ensured.

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