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  • 4 Reasons You Need To Hire Video Production Services For Your Site

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    The use of video is increasingly becoming in demand in many facets of the world, especially during this digital era. Most consumers spend their time on the internet watching videos every day. Even businesses—big or small—have been joining the video bandwagon in the last few years. But, is it worth it to hire professional video production services to create videos even if you’re managing a small-scale business only?



    According to a statistical report, the proliferation of videos online could be traced to the popularity boom of video hosting platforms such as YouTube. In fact, there are around two billion users who log onto this social media platform every month worldwide. Imagine the billion hours of videos watched every month by such users, and that’s not counting the people who watch via the platform but don’t necessarily have an account. In the US alone, 73% of adults who have the purchasing power spend time on the platform, surpassing another adult favorite—Facebook, and even Instagram.


    Why Hire Production Pros For Small Videos


    With those staggering statistics about video watching by potential consumers, video marketing has become an essential marketing strategy for many businesses these days. But if you’re one of those small-scale entrepreneurs who might doubt hiring video production professionals, here are a few things to consider that could perhaps convince you to try them:


    1. Video Lends A Professional Business Image


    These days, it’s typical to have this impression of ‘having it easy’ when it comes to video production. After all, current mobile phones are already equipped with the essentials of video-making. However, hiring professional video production services is still the best option since these media practitioners have plenty of experience and skills. When you hire the right company, you’re getting quality videos. Professional-looking content on your business website or social media accounts makes your business image high-quality and professional as well.


    2. Produce High-Quality AVPs For Your Brand


    The first thing that your hired video production personnel could do is create a high-quality AVP or audiovisual production for your business. Think of it as a kind of trailer for your brand. This video narrates what your business is all about, and it could come in the form of a 30-second type of trailer or a one or two-minute commercial you could use for marketing purposes.


    Such professional production services can help create a quality AVP and get your website a lot of traffic. For the price of making a video like this, it’s still more cost-effective than launching a full-scale traditional advertising strategy involving conventional media outlets.


    3. Create Appealing Ads Made By Friendly Pros


    The key to a successful video is utilizing state-of-the-art video equipment handled by a professional video team. These professionals will help you plan appealing ads or commercials for your business. They also understand how to figure out your target market to know what kind of commercial to make.


    Video experts can help you to record everything you need in a professional manner. They can also give you feedback regarding what kind of videos could go viral for the type of business you have. Plus, hiring professional yet friendly production teams could lend you an extra hand when needed. If they see something in your video that’s not working, they can revise it to fit your messaging. This is a common thing that happens with other commercial producers, but they’ll end up overcharging for every revision. This situation won’t happen much with smaller yet friendlier video professional crews.


    4. Convert Site Visitors To Paying Customers


    There are other reasons why you need to hire video production services for your site. When you put up a site, you want people who will stick around to be your best customers. If you don't keep them on your site long enough to make sure they return for more products or services, you run the risk of losing them forever. Thus, these video experts would know a thing or two about keeping your video content flowing by suggesting creative ideas.


    Here are some examples of videos you can create to help convert your visitors into paying and loyal customers:


    • Educational videos like tutorials, sharing stats, reports, and engaging case studies
    • Inspiring videos, such as videos showing efforts of giving back or helping the community
    • Explainer videos to introduce how to use new products and services



    When you hire video production services for your site, you are going to reap fruitful rewards from working with professional photographers and videographers because of their unmatched expertise in video production services. They will not only make your business look good, but they could help you achieve your sales and marketing goals through the videos they produce for you.


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