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  • 4 Email Marketing Tips That Can Increase Conversions

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    Conversions is an important metric when measuring the success of digital marketing campaigns. A high conversion rate is the goal that all digital marketers are striving for. However, only the most effective digital marketing campaigns will give you the kind of conversion boost you seek.


    Email marketing is an often-overlooked component of a well-rounded digital marketing campaign. With the right guidance, you can turn your email marketing into one of the key pillars of your digital marketing strategy to maximize conversions.


    Here are some simple email marketing tips that anyone can follow for increased conversions.


    A Human Voice

    If your emails are obviously automated, you will rapidly lose the attention of your readers. Email audiences are unforgiving and they will unsubscribe from your newsletter if they think that your content isn’t up to scratch. A big part of writing trusted content is to ensure that your emails have a natural tone as if they were written by a person.


    There’s nothing wrong with using sales language in your email copy, of course, but you should make sure that it remains organic and natural-sounding. Otherwise, your email subscriber list will sink and your conversion rate will drop.


    Keep Your Contacts List Up to Date

    Ensuring that your contact list stays up to date is vital. If your contacts list is out of date then your emails will be going to nobody and you’ll end up wasting your time.


    If your business is receiving contact information from a variety of cloud-based apps, you will want a way to ensure that your contact list remains synchronized across apps. The easiest way of ensuring this is by using PieSync. PieSync can be used to synchronize contact data across apps on a variety of different platforms, which will help to prevent data errors and will ultimately save you time.


    Write Compelling Copy

    The actual words in your email are going to be the most important factor in determining how effective they are. If you are willing to put a little extra effort in when writing your copy, it will pay off in an uptick in conversions. You want to find a delicate balance between making your copy about sales and making it sound natural and human. If you can strike that balance, you will feel the benefit in increased conversions.


    Prioritize Customer Experience

    Most of your customers will have emails coming at them from all angles in their day to day lives. Not all of these communications are coming from businesses they trust. People are naturally suspicious of any communications they think are marketing-related. Make sure that your emails provide something of value to your customer. This will improve the level of trust your reader has in your communications and will make them more likely to click through.


    When email marketing is done correctly, it can be used to drive a sustained increase in conversions. However, if you don’t take proper care with your email marketing then they can end up having the opposite effect. Make sure that you are always considering your emails from the perspective of your customers and make sure you are providing them with the proper value.

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