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  • 3 Best Business Management Software You Should be Using Today

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    The incorporation of new technologies in the business world has meant a great advance for organizations of any size and sector. Keeping all the tasks related to the management of the company up to date is much easier and faster thanks to the new software tools. More and more companies rely on these computer resources to carry out the economic management of the organization, plan actions, organize tasks, distribute activities among workers, have control of available resources, and sales made or maintain and improve relationships with customers, among others. 


    Today you can find on the market a wide variety of specialized computer programs, with which to carry out each of these tasks individually, or comprehensive solutions that contain various functionalities and that you can customize according to your needs.






    Do you need the most complete software possible to manage your business? Bitrix24 is a business management solution that brings together a large number of teamwork tools and CRM functionality in one place. Bitrix24 offers cloud-based business solutions for free for up to 12 users. A tool that can be integrated with the company's domain, with email service and that is compatible with mobile devices.


    Bitrix24 is organized through an intranet with a very useful and attractive social network environment for collaborative tasks, which allows sharing tasks and documents and communications in real-time. The free version includes the CRM function, which manages the interaction with clients or any agent external to the company. These interactions are recorded and can be integrated for reports, analysis.


    Bitrix24 CRM allows segmenting the target audience, managing invoices, and budgets, sending individual or group e-mails, or making calls to clients. Furthermore, it can be integrated with external applications such as Mailchimp, Xero, cloud storage services (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive), etc. CRM is surely the highlight of this software since it is difficult to find this service for free. But Bitrix24 provides a very complete set of tools for team management.


    The task management section stands out, which can be divided into workgroups, and which has a large number of useful functions. It has integrated the calendar with the event scheduler, among other features. It has its place in the cloud for storing documents and files, which can also be shared with non-company personnel. Finally, the human resources management section is also noteworthy, which makes it possible to monitor attendance, work times, and analysis of employee tasks.


    Zoho One


    Zoho has introduced Zoho One, an all-in-one application suite that allows us to manage all areas of the company in an integrated way. Zoho One has more than 35 built-in web applications and many other mobile apps that are accessed through a centralized control panel through single access, single-sign-on, which makes it a true “operating system” business. 


    With Zoho One, SMBs and entrepreneurs can create and host their website and email in one place. Also, they can more effectively serve the needs of each client and reach many more; properly keep your accounting and billing; manage the recruitment process of your staff and collaborate with all company employees on projects, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and much more through a single platform. They can even create applications tailored to the business needs of the team or company.


    Zoho One provides users with a solution that seamlessly interconnects applications for sales, marketing, customer service, accounting, human resources, and other activities while empowering communication between employees, customers, and vendors from a single platform. Traditionally, to approach the integration of solutions from different providers required a large budget and a no less large IT consulting team. This made having a sufficiently powerful software platform a privilege only for large companies. Yet Zoho One provides this power to all businesses, regardless of size, without the complexity and cost burden of the past.


    Zoho One offers a secure account and single sign-on for the entire suite. Its centralized administration panel enables and controls access, simplifying its application management and auditing. You can add users, create groups, share access to different apps, enable or disable applications from a single place. This allows defining information access policies at the corporate level, for example by implementing two-factor authentication for all employees to increase information security. Control can be managed centrally or delegated through service administrators in different departments or groups within the organization.





    Odoo is a complete business management system with a free and open-source software license, unlike other systems such as SAP, SAGE, or Microsoft Navision. This means that its installation and use is completely free, and allows modifications or extensions to adapt to customer needs.


    This system covers all the business processes of your company, for example, complete financial management (billing, accounting, collection, payments), manufacturing, stock, inventories, warehouse management, comprehensive purchasing and sales management

    web integration, with virtual store option, report generation and analysis, fleet management, project management, document management and automatic storage of orders, delivery notes, invoices, etc. 


    Odoo supports advanced options such as multiple companies, multiple warehouses, and has a complete Point of Sale Terminal (POS) to make your sales for the public. Also, it allows you to work remotely through a web interface from any computer connected to the Internet. Odoo is one of the most popular business management software in the world, with more than 2,000,000 users, and with a presence in more than 120 countries. Currently, more than 1500 developers work daily to improve and optimize all their processes, adapting and adjusting the software to changes in the environment. 


    The tool is divided into modules or applications, in such a way that it is not necessary to install all the applications, but each company will implement only those modules that it needs at any given time. The software is fully scalable, so we can start using Odoo with a single application and gradually add or delete others depending on our needs.


    Odoo is open source software, which allows us, respecting the terms of its license, to modify the code to adapt it to the specific needs of each company. Besides, this philosophy allows us to enjoy it both in SaaS (Software as a Service) format and to install it on an organization's servers.


    The Odoo interface allows access from any computer regardless of the operating system (Windows, Linux, or Mac). It also has a version for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) that simplifies the views to access both from iOS and Android.


    Business management software is as important as the heart in your body. If you don't have efficient software, you will have health problems throughout your body. But if you use it correctly and keep it healthy, it works fast and safe.

    Planning becomes an indispensable tool. This means that it is not only a small step to ignore, but it is an indispensable element, almost mandatory for any company, but with one of these business management software that we put at your disposal, you can make it your most powerful weapon. The business management software helps to establish achievable, clear, and determined objectives either in the short, medium, or long term for your business, and not only that, but it also allows you to increase your chances of success in obtaining them. Its inherent parts of control allow you not to lose the path that you initially established to achieve them and continue with your most convenient strategic planning.

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