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  • 13 Elements You Should Have on Your Homepage

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    It’s been rightly said, “First Impression is the last one”. Especially, when we are talking about online businesses; this think matters the most because there is no face to face communication. So, coming up with a great website to create the first impression and to go a long way and to hold up the grip for online transactions and also helping to reach out to the target audience. 



    When a new customer looks or enters into your website’s homepage, your webpage should create an unforgettable impression on the mind of a visitor. Nowadays, online users are getting much smarter as they for detailed analysis and create an opinion, for your brand and then decide if you’re worth buying and doing business with.


    Why an interesting home page matter?

    The homepage of the website creates an impression to catch details that further creates the rest for your website. It turns into an outline for a successful business and turning visitors into customers. So, don’t you consider it to be more significant?


    In this blog, I will be talking about important key elements that every homepage should keep them into their minds to create the first impression. Let’s first discuss and understand the primitive purpose of your website homepage to be attractive. Each website has a different purpose depending on the kind of audience you would like to target. Websites are categorized mostly into two forms; informative and entertainment websites. 


    But, the main motive for every website to convert walk-in customers to real customers; by creating trust, informing customers about their business, creating a long-term relationship with existing clients and to create a brand. 


    Purpose of Creating a Website Homepage

    Before I converse about the required elements of the homepage, in particular, I need to concentrate on the purpose of a website. Nowadays, websites create a digital brochure for your company. Following are the jobs of a website:

    1. Easily approachable- The website should be easily approachable and searchable to help you easily get found. 

    2. Make trust- The website is a mutual way through which trust can be made. When a person comes on your website, it needs to certify or fulfill all their respective needs. A website should function in a way that customers all requirements should be met. 

    3. Educate- Your website should we able to tell people to identify all their respective problems and challenges. 

    4. Inform- Once the customer’s trust has been built, you need to tell them how your website can help solve their problems. 

    5. Nature- Normally, people have to come back again an ample number of times before making a purchase. Confine their email address and further, you should keep sending then helpful content, which is similar to their taste in the purchasing process. 

    6. Convert- Shift can be done in many different ways; such as newsletter, by calling, by making an actual purchase on your website. Making a shift to your website should be the main element for the design of your homepage to help guide through the process. 


    Elements that should not be missed in a homepage:

    Now, it’s time to discuss homepage elements. The homepage is the first impression of your website. To attract the visitor, try implementing the homepage elements on your website. 


    1. Headline


    Within a few seconds, a website should state the purpose of the website. This role is played by the headline. The headline is extremely important for any website; it might comprise of few words. Many people visit the website for different purposes and it even gets difficult to select words that attract everyone on the website. The headline should be short, simple and crisp. For example; JanBask Digital Design has got such a nice and simple headline as shown in the picture. 



    2.A promise 

    Your website should be promising; the website should show that you understand the visitor and the challenges they are facing. You should make your website such that it is promising and solve the problems of the visitor. A promise is a factor of trust and states the proof that the company provides, as shown above, picture. So, try to include this on your homepage. 


    3.Primary Calls-to-Action

    The main aim of your homepage is to force or compel visitors to have a close look on your website and help move them to the funnel. Try taking into call-to-action that helps people go through different phases of the buying process and putting them into the place where they can easily be found.


    Calls-To-Action should be easily visible, probably in the color that creates distinctiveness in the color scheme of your homepage, keeping the overall design in the mind as well. Keep it brief, as it makes the visitors click whatever you are presenting. For example; Sign up, Make an appointment, or Try it. 



    LinkedIn has great Call-To-Actions on its homepage that help gear them through different personas. Look how simply the bright blue Call-to-Actions distinguished with the dark background. 


    4.Contact details

    Make yourself easily available to the people to get a hold of you. Try using different characters to make them contact you more and more. 


    5.Visual branding

    Visual branding plays a very important role, as their job is to marry visual branding and showcasing their brand’s personality in every way possible. Few trust factors that should not be missed in the process of integration are strategy, messaging, positioning, and branding. 



    Now companies have started featuring videos on their homepage and because of obvious reasons it works wonders. Videos provide people a real logic as to how your website can help, what your website stands for, and let people know the real story. Videos state a great way to generate product content to connect with your audience. 


    7.List of problems

    Spot all the problems you solve and try to make it simple for the website visitors to see them. This will make it possible for them to understand it quickly to address their needs. 


    8.Building Trust

    Your homepage should have the trust element because trust is the only thing that attracts the audience to your website. Trust can be shown in the form of logos of current customers or the testimonials of your past audience. Your website should comprise reviews or complements making it possible for the audience to make a decision. 


    9.Changing content

    The homepage mist attracting feature is the changing content from your website. Such as; blogs or social feed on your homepage that shows that your website is up-to-date. It is the best technique through which you can show that your company is active and always keep fresh content. 


    10.Mobile optimization

    Customers are always moving and searching for companies on mobile devices, and the number of people researching companies is continuously increasing day by day and there are no signs of slowing down. Now Google is also dealing with the severe sites which are not optimized for mobiles because they are offering a very bad practice. So, to avoid annoying their would-be customers and by also missing out their search engine results; they prefer searching on the mobiles.  


    11. Personality

    A business's personality should be shown on the homepage and be fun-loving for the audience. This helps to build an emotional bond with your audience; resulting in attracting more customers to make a purchase. 


    12.Success Indicators

    All together for customer success stories; to create an impressive award and recognition both works wonders. Check-out a few things:

    • Is your company a significantly highly praised restaurant?
    • Is your app awarded as the best this year?


    Page viewers should know your company's achievements. This helps in creating more credibility in the business. 



    Many visitors don’t buy easily, they need more detailed information. For those kinds of visitors, provide a link to a resource center where they can look around more appropriate information. This results in staying the visitor on your webpage for longer and it also helps to build credibility and the audience also considers your industry. 


    Don’t forget to add a menu at the base of your homepage stating the links for important resources, site pages and channels of social media. Also, don’t forget to add contact information. Audiences lookout for the information in their respective areas of the website. So, make sure to satisfy their needs.!



    To conclude, this write-up, always keep in mind to design your home page flawless, and update to the present consumer need. Redesigning is a very tough work because it needs resources to brainstorm the best page out of a failed one.


    Keeping these above elements into consideration will definitely help you to achieve the goal of a perfect homepage. However, strategy and budget are the two factors which are pivotal for a homepage.

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