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  • 10 Profitable Home Business Technology Ideas You Can Start Today

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    There are plenty of ways to make money from the comfort of your home. 


    But, not every business model is worth it. 


    You want to make sure the business you’re getting in is sustainable and scalable. 


    In this guide, I’ll give you 10 profitable home business ideas you can start working on right now. 


    Let’s dive in. 


    10 Profitable Home Business Ideas You Can Start Today


    1. Start a Profitable Blog 


    Starting a blog is pretty simple, making it profitable isn’t. 


    One of the major reasons why new bloggers fail is their unrealistic expectations. 


    Blogging is like any other business; you need to put in the work and make smart decisions to move in the right direction. 


    Here’s a roadmap you can follow to build a profitable blog from scratch. 

    1. Pick a micro-niche
    2. Host your blog on a fast and reliable hosting service
    3. Sign up for affiliate programs
    4. Find long-tail, low-competition keywords
    5. Diversify your traffic sources
    6. Build an email list
    7. Network with other bloggers


    Keep in mind that while blogging is super rewarding, it does take some time to show results. 

    2. Build an Online Audience 


    An interesting way to make money from the comfort of your home is by building and monetizing an online audience. 


    Although it can take time, a niche-based online audience can be an asset you can monetize in multiple ways. 


    But, you want to stick to a niche or topic to establish yourself as an authority and make this strategy effective. 


    3. Sell Digital Products


    Digital products are the easiest to sell, especially because you don’t need physical space to store them. 


    Plus, like dropshipping, you also don’t have to worry about shipping your products. 


    People can just download your digital product from your website. 


    If you have a sellable skill or are knowledgeable about a particular subject, you can package it into a digital product.


    There are plenty of digital products you can sell and build a home-based business around, including:

    • Videos
    • Ebooks
    • Fonts
    • Icons
    • Photos
    • Graphics
    • Animations
    • Software
    • Online tools
    • Membership sites
    • Audios
    • Courses 
    • Logos 
    • Spreadsheets
    • And more


    4. Sell Your Services


    If you have any skill or can learn one, a service-based business can be incredibly lucrative.  


    Service-based businesses are booming because companies are now outsourcing their work to freelancers and independent agencies. 


    The best thing is that you can learn virtually any skill online for free. 


    Once you feel confident, start building your freelancing profiles on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Legiit. 


    If you’re still wondering what services you should be selling, there are a few ideas:

    • Web designer 
    • Translator
    • Developer
    • Marketer 
    • Resume writer
    • Search engine optimization specialist
    • Virtual assistant
    • Bookkeeper
    • Photo editor
    • Video editor
    • Writer


    Some of these services are more rewarding than others. So, make sure to do your research from every angle before you start learning a skill. 


    5. Get Into Online Teaching


    The self-education and online teaching industry is booming like crazy. 

    Today, people can learn virtually anything online. 

    Think about what you can teach others and make a difference with. 

    For instance, if you know knitting, you can create a course where you teach the A to Z of knitting. 

    Or, maybe you’re good at selling stuff? You can help business owners sell more with a sales course. 

    But, how do you create a course and where do you sell it?

    Thankfully, creating high-quality videos doesn’t require professional cameras. 

    You can use your phone’s camera to capture yourself. 

    Or, if your teaching method requires screen sharing, use free screen recorder software. 

    And here are a few reliable platforms where you can list your courses:

    • Udemy 
    • Skillshare 
    • Coursera


    6. Start an Ecommerce Business


    Ecommerce is probably the most profitable home-based business on our list today. 

    In ecommerce, you can have your own product inventory, online store, and delivery system, but all of that is optional. 

    You can start an ecommerce business with Amazon on its FBA (Facilitation by Amazon) model. 

    With FBA, everything from inventory to shipping is offered by Amazon. 

    However, you do have to hunt for the right product and start it from scratch, which can be overwhelming. 

    So, instead of starting from scratch, you can buy a running business. 

    One of the places you can buy an established ecommerce business and jump-start your entrepreneurial journey is Flippa.

    But, of course, for that, you’d need a decent amount of upfront investment. 

    You can also buy a business, grow its revenue, and sell it for a profit. 

    Ecommerce store flipping is a legitimate and highly profitable business. 


    7. Start a Print-on-Demand Business


    Print-on-demand is another awesome home-based business model. 

    It’s perfect for you if you’re a good designer but don’t want to make products. 

    Print-on-demand is similar to dropshipping where the seller sells products with your customized designs on them. 

    The good thing is you can put your designs on a lot of stuff to maximize your sales, including:

    • Homeware: Bedsheets, towels, mugs, blankets, and more
    • Art: Wall hangings, magnets, etc. 
    • Electronics: Speakers, headphones, and more
    • Apparel: T-shirts, yoga pants, hoodies, and more
    • Accessories: Phone covers, face masks, bags, etc. 


    But, where do you sell these print-on-demand products?


    T-spring and Merch by Amazon are two of the most popular options right now. 


    8. Get Into Dropshipping


    If you don’t want to develop your own product and want to get into e-commerce with a small starter budget, dropshipping is for you. 


    Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model where you don’t have to own or store a product to sell it. 


    Here’s how it works:

    • First, you find a seller and strike a deal with them
    • Then, you create a dropshipping store and list their products
    • When a customer buys anything from your store, the seller directly ships it to them


    As you can see, your involvement and budget in the dropshipping business model are very limited. 


    The best thing is that apps like Dsers make dropshipping easier than it otherwise would be. 


    All you need to do is get a Shopify subscription, add the Dsers app, and find the right products for your dropshipping store. 


    9. Sell Handmade Products


    This home-based business idea is for people that love to create crafts or art at home. For instance, you could:

    • Make food
    • Sew clothes
    • Knit blankets
    • Craft wood-based products
    • Create paintings
    • And, more


    There’s no limit to what you can sell these days. 


    If there’s a need in the market, you have an opportunity. 


    Just make sure there’s enough demand to make your home-based startup sustainable. 


    10. Sell NFTs


    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been getting a lot of attention recently and are expected to grow in popularity in the future. 


    If you can create digital art or can partner up with someone who knows the skill, selling NFTs can be a highly profitable home-based business. 


    All you’d need to do is create and upload your digital art on platforms like OpenSea and Foundation. 


    Final Thoughts 


    It’s a perfect time to start a home-based business, especially when you have so many options to choose from. 


    But, you do have to take the first step and move forward persistently, no matter what business model you go with. 


    Want to get actionable tips on how to start and grow an online business for free? Here’s a perfect resource:

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