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  • 10 Best PHP Frameworks That Will Assist In Coding Effectively

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    Originally standing for Personal Home Page tools, PHP has come a long way. It is now used to refer to Hypertext Preprocessor. The language is very valuable in creating dynamic websites and interacting with other coding languages. Some people create their own PHP websites and tools from scratch but you don’t have to. Frameworks help to make the PHP coding process quicker and prevent you from having to repeat steps on every page.


    Many PHP frameworks exist across the internet. Some of them are amazing, and some are far from it. If you want to save time and create more effective webpages, we have done the work and found 10 of the best PHP frameworks that will assist you in coding more effectively.


    #1 Laravel PHP Framework


    Laravel PHP Framework


    Experts tend to turn to Laravel when they want a PHP framework that is well established and efficient. To start, Laravel has the most developer provided documentation available compared to other frameworks. If you have a question, it is easy to get it answered. You will find that it is very well suited for complicated PHP applications no matter the size.


    Here are some of the benefits:

    • Prepackaged option known as Homestead
    • Speed and security are highly important to the developers
    • Heavy focus on elegant code
    • Works with third party libraries (including Stripe)
    • PHP 7 and MVC


    #2 CodeIgniter PHP Framework


    CodeIgniter PHP Framework


    Another option is CodeIgniter. Where this platform comes in handy is that it has a very small size. An unedited version of CodeIgniter is about 2MB. Beginners will also find it easy to use. Here are some of the benefits you will find:


    • Lightweight and easy to use design
    • MVC architecture
    • High speed due to small footprint
    • No special requirements
    • Documentation is updated and the long term support is good


    #3 Phalcon PHP Framework

    Phalcon PHP Framework

    Phalcon is a bit different from others on this list as it was originally written as part of the C coding language. Now it is just a C-extension though. There is no need to know C in order to work with Phalcon. It delivers incredible performance and has been around for over 6 years. Here are the other benefits:


    • Easy installation
    • Great for those who need high configuration
    • Heavy focus on security features
    • Universal autoloader
    • Utilizes memory well in order to boost performance
    • A good amount of documentation


    #4 Symphony PHP Framework

    Symphony PHP Framework

    Since 2005 Symphony has been a go to for those looking for PHP framework. Symphony follows both PHP and web standards exactly and is the only framework known to do so. Here are the benefits:


    • Byte code caching to enable fast performance
    • History of being well supported and documented
    • Stable releases
    • Good reusable PHP components
    • Can interface with other platforms such as Drupal



    #5 CakePHP Framework

    CakePHP Framework

    CakePHP is well-known as a simple toolkit. You can use it to develop attractive websites that are still feature rich. Here are some of the benefits:


    • CRUD framework to speed development and simplify learning
    • Easy to install
    • Security features built-in
    • Fast speeds due to simplicity


    #6 Zend PHP Framework


    Zend PHP Framework


    Those looking to develop for enterprise applications will benefit from turning to Zend. A professional framework for high performance applications. Here is why it is so popular:

    • Object oriented coding
    • Large number of components
    • Decoupled design
    • Zend Studio for easier development


    #7 Fuel PHP Framework


    Fuel PHP Framework


    Fuel PHP is a community supported project, ensuring active development. Many like its sophistication MVC framework. Here are why people turn to Fuel PHP:

    • Optional caching
    • Modular building design
    • Focus on object oriented coding, soon to be completely object oriented
    • Versatile for multiple applications


    #8 Yii PHP Framework


    Yii stands for Yes, it is! The idea is that it is simple and high-performance at the same time. Here are why developers turn to Yii:

    • Easy to install
    • High speed design due to simplicity
    • Great development team with community support
    • Very customizable


    #9 PHPixie Framework



    Following the HMVC design standard, PHPixie has been making a name for itself since 2012. It is specifically designed to be easy to start using. Here are the other benefits:

    • Works especially well for read only platforms
    • Object oriented mapping
    • Input validation
    • Built with individual components so it can be used individually


    #10 Slim PHP Framework

    Slim PHP Framework

    As the name would imply, Slim is a small framework that is meant to be easy. It is also easy to deploy. Here is why you might choose it:

    • URL routing, session and cookie encryption, and more standard
    • Great for small applications
    • Actively developed and maintained
    • Beginner documentation to help you get started


    All of these PHP frameworks can make designing your next project much easier. Each one brings with it its own benefits. Take a look at the options and decide which one is right for you.

    10 Best PHP Frameworks That Will Assist In Coding Effectively

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