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  • What is available by default if you forget to declare in .info file, Durpal 7 Theme

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    If you did not mentioned any custom region in .info file the following regoins will be available by default.

    1. Header
    2. Highlighted
    3. Help
    4. Content
    5. Sidebar first
    6. Sidebar second
    7. Footer


    The .info file is also used to enable the theme configuration features, like the site name, logo and etc.

    To enable a features the following syntax is used

     features[] = name of feature 

    In absence of feature defination the below mentioned features will be available by default.

    1. features[] = logo
    2. features[] = name
    3. features[] = slogan
    4. features[] = node_user_picture
    5. features[] = comment_user_picture
    6. features[] = search
    7. features[] = favicon
    8. features[] = primary_links
    9. features[] = secondary_links

    Media Type That Can Be Used With Stylesheet in .Info file

    Declare stylesheet in .info file

    stylesheets[media_type][] =

    The followinf type of media could be declare with stylesheets

    1. [all] /*For all media. covers the widest variety of choices and should be used for your primary stylesheet*/
    2. [projection] /*For projector use.*/
    3. [print] /*For print media.*/
    4. [handheld] /*For handheld devices.*/
    5. [screen] /*For computer screens.*/


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