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  • Using Braintree As Payment Gateway (Part 1)

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    There are several player in the market which can be used as payment gateway and it is not always easy to choose one . Thus today I would like to give you an overview of well known payment gateway i.e Braintree which is a subsidiary of Paypal. There have been many reason behind Braintree success as a payment gateway which can be summarized as easy integration , multiple payment method , simple pricing , security etc.

    I this article I will be giving you basic idea of what exactly can be done with braintree, what are the ways in which braintree can be used, what are the Payment method that braintree accept etc.


    Before moving ahead with any payment gateway it is always advisable to have a sandbox account created .


    1) Create a Sandbox account by visiting the following link :

      sandbox account


    2) Products being offered by Braintree :

      a) Marketplace : Marketplace is a platform where Braintree provides customer for now based in US to enable split payment on their platform i.e splitting payment between your merchant and any fee that you site would like to have , it can also be any sub-merchant if you have some business logic in the given direction. Marketplace does not add any extra cost to merchant nor the site owner.

    For more information please refer link : Marketplace


     b) PayPal Commerce : Paypal Commerce is a way in site owner can publicise his product on different social media , blogs etc by following simple steps mentioned by Braintree. The added advantage is that site owner is able to get seamless user base of paypal thus increasing the business opportunity.

    For more information please refer link : PayPal Commerce



    c) Braintree Auth : Braintree Auth which is right now in BETA mode is available only for US platforms and that too by invitation. What exactly braintree in trying to achieve with this is that platform owner can take action on behalf of their merchant i.e being a site owner of a ecommerce site you can take action on behalf of your merchant. Thus sharing a comment vault with your merchant.


        For more information please refer link : Braintree Auth


    3) Features offered by Braintree

      a) Fraud Protection : Braintree have a very strong fraud prevention mechanism where they verify AVS("Helps to verify that the address information supplied by a customer matches what the bank has on file.") , CVV("Ensures you always validate the verification number associated with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex cards.")  and Risk threshold (Configure a specific set of rules to detect fraudsters based on the velocity of transactions in a given timeframe.). Beside this Braintree also have 3D card verification technique which is also very helpful as your site progress and number of transaction on your site increases so as to make payment fully secured.


        For more information please refer link : Fraud Protection


     b) Data Security : In today's world will doing only payment data security plays an important role and all this has been taken care by Braintree based on the following points.

      -> Level 1 PCI compliance

      -> Prohibited data storage

      -> Data encryption via the Braintree Vault

      -> Authentication and session management

      -> Activity observation

      -> Penetration testing

      -> Securing access


      For more information regarding the above points please refer : Data Security


     c)  Global Payments : With Braintree no matter in which country have your user base Baintree have a wide coverage on countries in which services are being provided. To have a detail regarding country list and service fee associated with it please refer to following link :  Global Payments


    d) Repeat Billing : Braintree make it easy for your customer for repeated payment by making transaction on their behalf. Thus their information in stored with Braintree and Braintree take care of all based on the cases being submitted to Braintree when those transaction were actually created.

        For more information regarding the above points please refer : Repeat Billing


    e) Drop-in UI : Braintree provides you with a pre-built form which can be integrated with your site by adding just a snippet of code and you are ready to accept payment.


        For more information regarding the above points please refer : Drop-in UI


    f) Custom UI : Braintree provide code by which you can also built custom payment form for you site based on your requirement based on following points :

       -> Building blocks

       -> Unrestricted potential

       -> Adaptive and more secure

       For more information regarding the above points please refer : Custom UI


    g) Hosted Fields : Hosted fields is the latest security measure being adopted by Braintree so as to hide sensitive data in the checkout process by placing iframe on top of them.


    For more information regarding the above points please refer : Hosted Fields


    In this blog I have given you basic overview of the products that braintree offers and what are the features that braintree provide as a payment gateway keeping in mind both merchant and the end user.

    To be continued .......

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