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  • SQL commands in database

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    SQL stands for structured query language. It is used to manage and access data from database.
    A database may contain more than one table having unique name for each table.
    SQL language have many different versions but it supports most of the commands in similar manner :-

    • SELECT:- SELECT command is used to select the data from database.Syntax of SELECT command is
    • SELECT * FROM table_name

      To select particular column from table:

      SELECT column_name FROM table_name

    • INSERT:- INSERT command is used to insert elements in the column of a table.
      Syntax of INSERT command is:
    • INSERT INTO table_name(attributes) VALUES (values)

    • UPDATE:- UPDATE command is used to make changes in the table.
      Syntax of UPDATE command is :
    • UPDATE table_name SET column1=value1 WHERE column1=value2

    • DELETE:- DELETE command is used to delete some content from the table.
      Syntax of DELETE command:
    • To delete whole content

      DELETE * FROM table_name

      To delete particular column from the table

      DELETE FROM table_name WHERE name(attributes)= xyz(values)

    • ORDER BY:- ORDER BY command is used to arrange record in ascending order automatically.
      Syntax of ORDER BY command is:
    • To arrange in ascending order:

      SELECT column_name FROM table_name ORDER BY column_name

      To arrange record in descending order:

      SELECT column_name FROM table_name ORDER BY column_name DESC

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