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  • Research Paper Bibliography Format

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    Research Paper Bibliography Format




    Research Paper Bibliography Formats – Get the basic rules right


    If you are a bit unsure about the research paper bibliography format, you need to first find out more about the citation style that you need to follow. Only then will you be able to understand more about the bibliography format that is necessary.


    Every research paper that you write needs to have a proper and well structured bibliography right at the very end. As the name suggests, this consists of a detailed list of sources that you have used in your research paper. If your paper is an MLA style paper, then this section will follow the same MLA style. Of course, not all papers follow the MLA style. You might have to write it in APA or Harvard or any other style that is commonly used for a particular subject.



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    Take a look at the following points when you have to concentrate on the research paper bibliography section of your assignment


    If you are quoting a book according to the MLA style, it is essential that you have the date of publication, the publisher and the complete name of the book. This is an essential requirement of the research paper bibliography formats that are in use today.


    If you are quoting the same book in APA style, you need to have the same details; but the order of presentation will vary. The name of the author or authors will be followed by the year of publication in brackets. Then, the name of the book is usually presented in italics followed by a full-stop. The last set of details to be presented in this particular research paper bibliography format is the city of publication, and the name of the publisher.


    There are subtle differences when you present these details in varying formats. Another point that is worth mentioning here is this: when you use info from a particular website, you need to mention the date on which the same has been viewed. This is because the date on which a particular item has been published on the web might not be the same on which you have viewed it. Therefore, make sure you put in the date on which you have either downloaded the item or just viewed it. These are small details that need to correctly recorded in the Bibliography section of any research paper.


    If you have been difficulties in understanding the rules regarding Bibliography formatting, it would be a good suggestion to go through our research paper samples We understand of following the rules and the formatting for all our topics. That is why this site is often used as a kind of guide or instruction that can be followed. We have made it as easy as possible for a student to follow, should the need arise.



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    The next time you have a problem with the research paper bibliography formats do not go groping in the dark wondering how to solve the issue. Log on to our website for a look at our samples; otherwise just call us for some direct help.





    Research Paper Literature Review




    Research paper literature reviews need to be well structured


    Writing a research paper literature review, that is comprehensive and relevant, calls for complete understanding of the research paper topic One trap that many students fall into is to make the literature review sound like a long list of books or journals that have been read during the course of the research. Though it is important to include the various views on a particular topic, it is also necessary to make it sound more like a discussion than just a long list. You could get in touch with us for help on how to manage literature reviews properly so that your entire paper is a well constructed one.





    Here are some tips that you could keep in mind while writing a literature review


    Try to bring in the views of as many authors as possible. If you are wondering what to put in and what not to, try to make a list or an outline of how you will approach the research paper literature reviews. With this outline in hand, you will be able to decide which authors views are pertinent and which are not.


    If you have a couple of authors who are saying the same thing, (authors with similar sounding views) put them together. This will help in giving your literature review a good structure.


    Critiquing is an essential part of any research paper writing. So bring this in to your review, by quoting authors who critique factors or aspects of methodology.


    If there are authors who disagree on the points or assumptions that you are trying to make, ensure you take note of it and list out these views.


    There could be a few case studies that either support or strongly disagree with your statements. Bring this into your review. However, remember not to dwell for too long on the merits of each of these cases; instead, you need to mention them quite briefly.


    In your opinion if there are few missing areas in research that has been done on a specific topic or issue, make sure you highlight that.


    Every topic that you write on is bound to have some work already done on it. List this out with sufficient citations in your research paper literature review.





    Try to fit in your present study on the topic with the rest of the research that has been done hitherto on the same. This certainly calls for dexterity because you need to position your study in the write space and time. Call us for help and we can help you do this well.


    Once you are sure you have all the literature you want, try putting it all in a nutshell. It is important to have a good and comprehensive summary of the literature you have collected for your research paper


    Now that you know these salient points in writing research paper literature reviews try doing one on your own. If you are wondering how to proceed after the second or third paragraph, just give us a tinkle or drop us a mail – we can bail you out.




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