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  • Register attendees to multiple sessions in Odoo9

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    If you want to register attendees to multiple sessions follow the below code in your Odoo module.

                        <field name="session_ids">
                        <field name="attendee_ids">
                        <button name="subscribe" type="object"


    class Wizard(models.TransientModel):
        _name = 'openacademy.wizard'
        def _default_sessions(self):
            return self.env['openacademy.session'].browse(self._context.get('active_ids'))
        session_ids = fields.Many2many('openacademy.session',
            string="Sessions", required=True, default=_default_sessions)
        attendee_ids = fields.Many2many('res.partner', string="Attendees")
        def subscribe(self):
            for session in self.session_ids:
                session.attendee_ids |= self.attendee_ids
            return {}

    Note-Modify the wizard model so that attendees can be registered to multiple sessions.

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