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  • Press Release Creation for Announcing the Company's News or Event

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    Releasing the Company's news related to the launch of a new product or service, hosting of an event or a function is an efficient way to grab immediate attention of audience which is an important & first step needed to market any product or service or an event in front of the targeted audience. That's why the creation of a Press Release is considered as an important task for the online marketers.

    A press release consists of following main section including Title, Summary, Body and author or contact information. Here are some instructions that one should need to take care while creating an effective press release for distribution among the wide audience all around the world.

    Title Guidelines

    Always try to write user friendly title & if possible include keyword into title.

    The title of the PR should be within 100 characters.

    Summary Guidelines

    Write an attractive summary of the PR & embed keyword in it.

    The summary of PR should be between 220 to 250 characters, as the summary part of the PR is the description which is picked by the search engine on search engine result page.

    Body Guidelines

    Try not to use jargon ( Jargons, the special words which are related to any technology or business, as they are very difficult to understand by general audience)

    Bold other secondary keywords or phrases which are important.

    Try to embed anchor text links on your important keywords,but dont use them too much.

    The embedded link should be a clear call to action, so that audience are redirected to the specific page where we wanted them to re-direct.

    The length of the press release should be at least 250 words and always try to include 3-4 keyword phrases with more focusing on primary keywords.

    If the press release is very long then we can divide it into different section which is easy for audience to read and understand.

    We may also use 2-3 quotes or phrases related to the business and make it an attractive and interesting press release.

    Try to focus more on your topic and the targeted audience.

    Always write a press release for human not for search engines so that it is clear to understand and dont do keyword stuffing.

    Author or contact info Guidelines

    We may write 2-3 sentences about the company.

    Website's home page URL should be included here.

    One dedicated person's name need to be mentioned who will consistently be the media contact for the company.

    Properly give all the details related to contact person or company; Like name, address, phone, email, and website.

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