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  • MyISAM vs INNODB in mysql

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    Difference between MYISAM and INNODB are given below.


    1 MyISAM does not support foreign keys.

    2 MyISAM stores its indexes,data and tables in disk space using separate three different files

    3 MYISAM not supports transaction

    4 MYISAM supports full text search.

    5 You should use MyISAM, if the table is more static with lots of select operation and with less update and delete operation.

    6 MyISAM is good for speed.

    7 Table-level Locking is supported by MYISAM


    1 InnoDB support foreign keys hence we call as RDBMS.

    2 InnoDB stores its data,tables and indexes in a tablespace.

    3 In InnoDB we can commit and rollback as it supports transaction.

    4 Row-level Locking is supported by InnoDB

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