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  • Model View Controller Architecture (MVC)

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    MVC Architecture

    • MVC architecture is a software constructing or designing pattern which is widely used these days to build software applications or web based applications. MVC breaks an application into three main parts namely Model ,View and Controller.  
    • Each of these components are used to build specific development aspects of a web based application. It is very popular as if separates the business logic from user interface
    • One more catching feature of MVC is one can change the business logic or user interface without having to change other components. Through MVC one can build scalable and extensible applications very easily.

    The three main components of MVC Architecture are explained below :


    • Model contains the data logic of an application and it works on Object relational mapping (ORM) strategy. Model is used to manipulate the data of the application without having the need to run queries. It responds to the request from views and it also updates itself from the instructions coming from the controller.
    • Model represents the data which is travelling between view and controller. Model manipulates the data through objects. These objects are directly connected with the tables in the database and hence we do not need to run queries inside our logic.


    • View contains all the logic related to user interface of the application.
    • View talks to the controller and lets it get all the data through the model and then rendering or displaying it back on the view.
    • View includes all UI components such as Text boxes,buttons,text fields etc. It basically helps us to represent the information which we got from controller and models.


    • Controller acts as the bridge between the view and the model. Controller is the heart of an application which contains all the application or business logic. 
    • Controller interacts with the models, manipulates the data and then send it to the view so that it can be rendered on the front end to be displayed to the user.
    • Other work of controller is to take the input from the user ,validate it and then perform the business logic operation which would modify the state of the model objects and database.

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