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    A macro is a piece of statements(code) which we provide a name or give that piece of statements a name. so whenever we used that name which we provide to that piece of code in the program, that code get replaced by the contents of the macro.

    Advantages of using macros.

    • Macro effect the speed of execution of a program. It increase the speed of a execution of a program

    -It saves a lot of time.

    • It make program shorter in length.


    • Object-like macros

    • function-like macros

      Object-like macros do no havet parameters, whereas function like have parameters.


    #define identifier(identifier 1,identifier 2,identifier 3.....identifier n) token-string

    #define is used for macro defination. in above syntax of macros contain the token list part, this part is a optional part but it used mainly in every case.

    example:- #define area(a) (3.14*(a)*(a))

    Here, the argument passed is a. Every time the program encounters area(argument), it will be replace by perimeter(3.14*(argument)*(argument)).

    C Program to find area of a circle by macros.

     #include <stdio.h>
        #define Pie 3.1415                       // pie macros
        #define area(a) (Pie*(a)*(a))      // area macros
        int main()
            int r;                    
            float area;
            printf("Enter the radius: ");
            printf(" Area is=%f",area);
            return 0;


    Enter the radius: 4 
    Area is=50.264

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