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  • How to start an Ionic Application Project

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    In this post, you will learn how to start any application using Ionic Framework. We will start with the downloading process of ionic and all the dependencies that are needed for developing any application.

    Also we need to know the platforms that are supported with the current release of ionic: iOS 7+,  Android 4.1+

    Before installing ionic, you need to install the latest version of Apache Cordova. To install cordova, you should have node.js, then run the following command:

    $ sudo npm install -g cordova

    To install ionic run the following command:

    $ sudo npm install -g ionic

    After installing ionic, you can create a project in a directory:

    $ ionic start newproject blank

    This will create a new project named newproject. Here is the structure of the project created after running this command:

    $ cd todo && ls
     bower.json     // bower dependencies
     config.xml     // cordova configuration
     gulpfile.js    // gulp tasks
     hooks          // custom cordova hooks to execute on specific commands
     ionic.project  // ionic configuration
     package.json   // node dependencies
     platforms      // iOS/Android specific builds will reside here
     plugins        // where your cordova/ionic plugins will be installed
     scss           // scss code, which will output to www/css/
     www            // application - JS code and libs, CSS, images, etc.

    Adding Platforms:
    you need to add the platforms which you want to add into your project:

    $ ionic platform add ios
    $ ionic platform add android

    After adding the platforms you can check and start your application by running the following command:

    $ ionic build ios
    $ ionic emulate ios


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