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  • How to send mail in next level in workflow in OpenERP(Odoo-8)?

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    In OpenERP, first, create custom module and then configure your incoming and outgoing mail in your server an then relate it to the function.

    Follow these step given below:

    Step1- First, create module like as a test module and then create file file in your module and pass this file in the file.
    Using this code show in below

    class emailll_systems(osv.osv):    
        _name =
        _columns = {
                    'cust_profile' : fields.many2one('customer.profile','Customer Profile'),  
    def male_send_doc_verification(self,cr,uid,ids,data,partner,subject,url,user,context=None):
            res_obj = self.pool.get('res.users').browse(cr, uid, uid)
            group = self.pool.get('res.groups').search(cr,uid,[('name', '=', 'Account Manager')])
            users = self.pool.get('res.groups').browse(cr,uid,group)
            if users:
                if'Account Manager':
                    for user in users.users:
                        mail_mail = self.pool.get('mail.mail')
                        this_context = context
                        body = '''
                                Dear ''' " %s," % ( + '''
                                <p> A Account Type ''' "%s" % + '''  for customer ''' "%s" % +''' require for verification.</p> 
                                <p>Please action it accordingly</p> 
                                <p> </p>
                                <p>You can access account details from  below url </p>
                                <p>''' "%s" % url +''' </p>                             
                                <p>Regards, </p> 
                        print "Email to", 
                        mail_values = {
                            'subject': subject,
                            'body_html': body,
                            'state': 'outgoing',
                            'type': 'email',
                        mail_id = mail_mail.create(cr, uid, mail_values, context=this_context)
                        mail_mail.send(cr, uid, [mail_id],  auto_commit=True, context=this_context)   
            return True    


    Step2- After the above step, create another file like as test_workflow.xml file in your own module and pass this file in your This file follows the workflow as par your requirement.

    Using this code given belowto

    <!--       workflow -->
            <record id="" model="workflow">
                <field name="name"></field>
                <field name="osv"></field>
                <field name="on_create">True</field>
    <!--         Activity -->
            <record id="act_draft" model="workflow.activity">
                <field name="wkf_id" ref="wkf_loan_application"/>
                <field name="name">draft</field>
                <field name="flow_start">True</field>
            <record id="act_approval_a" model="workflow.activity">
                <field name="wkf_id" ref="wkf_loan_application"/>
                <field name="name">approval_a</field>
                <field name="kind">function</field>
                <field name="action">action_approval_a()</field>
            <record id="act_approval_b" model="workflow.activity">
                <field name="wkf_id" ref="wkf_loan_application"/>
                <field name="name">approval_b</field>
                <field name="kind">function</field>
                <field name="action">action_approval_b()</field>
    <!--         Trainsition -->        
            <record id="trans_draft_approval_a" model="workflow.transition">
                <field name="act_from" ref="act_draft"/>
                <field name="act_to" ref="act_approval_a"/>
                <field name="signal">approval_a</field>
            <record id="trans_appr_a_revisn" model="workflow.transition">
                <field name="act_from" ref="act_approval_a"/>
                <field name="act_to" ref="act_revision"/>
                <field name="signal">revision</field>
            <record id="trans_revisn_appr_a" model="workflow.transition">
                <field name="act_from" ref="act_revision"/>
                <field name="act_to" ref="act_approval_a"/>
                <field name="signal">approval_a</field>

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