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  • How to remove 'provision' from selection list when configuring Cash Flow in Odoo

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    In below example, I have written Python script to remove 'provision' from selection list when configuring Cash Flow Codes. Paste below python code in .py file :

    def fields_get(self, cr, uid, fields=None, context=None): 
     res = super(account_cashflow_code, self).fields_get(cr, uid, fields, context) 
    if context.get('manage_cfc') and res.get('type'): 
                res['type']['selection'].remove(('provision', u'Provision')) 
            # rename date fields 
            format_date = self.format_date 
            if context.has_key('date_start'): 
                date_start = datetime.strptime(context.get('date_start'), '%Y-%m-%d').date()            
                nbr_days = int(context.get('nbr_days')) 
                days = [format_date(cr, uid, date_start, context)] + [format_date(cr, uid, date_start + timedelta(days=x), context) for x in range(1, nbr_days)]        
                for x in range(1, nbr_days + 1): 
                    if x < 10: 
                        field = 'balance_day0' + str(x) 
                        field = 'balance_day' + str(x) 
                    if res.get(field, None): 
                        res[field]['string'] = days[x-1] 
            return res 
        def fields_view_get(self, cr, uid, view_id=None, view_type='form', context=None, toolbar=False, submenu=False): 
            res = super(account_cashflow_code, self).fields_view_get(cr, uid, view_id=view_id, view_type=view_type, context=context, toolbar=toolbar, submenu=False) 
            if context.has_key('nbr_days') and view_type=='tree': 
                view_obj = etree.XML(res['arch']) 
                nbr_days = int(context.get('nbr_days'))        
                for el in view_obj: 
                    if 'balance-day' in el.get('name'): 
                        day = int(el.get('name')[11:]) 
                        if day > nbr_days: 
                    res['arch'] = etree.tostring(view_obj)        
            return res 

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