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  • How to Register the given presence of the current user in openerp

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    In openerp register the given presence of the current user, and trigger a im_status change if necessary. The status will not be written or sent if not necessary and param user_presence : True, if the user (self._uid) is still detected using its browser.
    use this function show below,

        def update(self, user_presence=True):
            presence =[('user_id', '=', self._uid)], limit=1)
            # set the default values
            send_notification = True
            values = {
                'last_poll': time.strftime(DEFAULT_SERVER_DATETIME_FORMAT),
                'status': presence and presence.status or 'offline'
            # update the user or a create a new one
            if not presence:  # create a new presence for the user
                values['status'] = 'online'
                values['user_id'] = self._uid
            else:  # write the user presence if necessary
                if user_presence:
                    values['last_presence'] = time.strftime(DEFAULT_SERVER_DATETIME_FORMAT)
                    values['status'] = 'online'
                    threshold = - datetime.timedelta(seconds=AWAY_TIMER)
                    if datetime.datetime.strptime(presence.last_presence, DEFAULT_SERVER_DATETIME_FORMAT) < threshold:
                        values['status'] = 'away'
                send_notification = presence.status != values['status']
                # write only if the last_poll is passed TIMEOUT, or if the status has changed
                delta = datetime.datetime.utcnow() - datetime.datetime.strptime(presence.last_poll, DEFAULT_SERVER_DATETIME_FORMAT)
                if delta > datetime.timedelta(seconds=TIMEOUT) or send_notification:
                    # Hide transaction serialization errors, which can be ignored, the presence update is not essential
                    with tools.mute_logger('openerp.sql_db'):
            # avoid TransactionRollbackError
   # TODO : check if still necessary
            # notify if the status has changed
            if send_notification: # TODO : add user_id to the channel tuple to allow using user_watch in controller presence
                self.env['bus.bus'].sendone((self._cr.dbname, 'bus.presence'), {'id': self._uid, 'im_status': values['status']})
            # gc : disconnect the users having a too old last_poll. 1 on 100 chance to do it.
            if random.random() < 0.01:
            return True

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