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  • Discussion on iterators in Ruby

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    Welcome to Findnerd. Today we are going to discuss iterators in Ruby. Iterators are similar to loops but in iterators we know the beginning and end of the process. Please have a look.


    while v<=10
    puts v



    In above code we have written the while loop. Now we are going to write the same code using times iterator. Please have a look.


    10.times do 
    puts 'Findnerd'



    Above code will print the string Findnerd ten times. We can say, iterators make the code shorter and easy to manage. There are other iterators as well. Please have a look.


    1.upto(10) { puts 'Findnerd' }
    10.downto(1) { puts 'Findnerd' }
    (1..10).each { puts 'Findnerd' }



    In above code upto, downTo and each will print the string ten times but they are working in different ways. You can use these iterators in other ways.


    1.upto(10) do |a|
    puts 'Demo upto' + to_s(a)
    employees = ['usa','heema','hema']
    employees.each do |emp|
    puts 'Name:' + emp
    for emp in employees
    puts 'Name' + emp.capitalize



    In above code we have used three different iterators such as upto, each and for. In upto iterator we are using local variable  which will be increased as iteration runs. In each  and for iterator we are printing employees name.


    There are other iterators as well in ruby so we are going to list them all. Please have a look.


    A) Integer/floats : times, upto, downto, step


    B) String: each, each_line, each_byte


    C) Array: each, each_index, each_with_index


    D) Range : each, step


    E) Hash:  each, each_key, each_value, each_pair


    Thank you for being with us!

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